Shed Light Rather Than Blood

“War is evidently needed by a country for its government to maintain control.” This is what my father told me when I asked why wars exist.

With the recent war in Mindanao, one, who had not yet experienced nor witnessed much, cannot help but wonder this conundrum. My father’s answer, instead of shedding some light to my already baffled mind, puzzled me even more.

He explained that the ongoing war is just a cover-up of the real issue at stake, the Pork Barrel Scam. I couldn’t believe him at first because of the civilized reason of why the government would kill its own citizens just to make headlines. It just doesn’t make any sense.

“These people who are dying are just collateral. It is a little sacrifice for the corrupt people.” He pointed out the public officials were corrupt, guilty of the scam, and must buy time in order to save their selves from being charged with the crime.

As I think about it, I understand his point. Being greedy enough to stay longer in power, these crooked people are capable of sacrificing such. However, the only question remains is who, a person powerful enough to start a war?

My father told me to guess however I was very impatient to end this query of mine. “Who, from the list of people involved in the scam, is the longest and most established person in power? Who was already in position when a war broke out? Who were friends with a lot of soldiers? Who was the most trusted? Clue, he’s from the time of Martial Law.”

Immediately, I know who he is. I know it is a big accusation but my father’s theory does make enough sense and he does have enough facts to support his claim, so it really is just the matter of what to believe in.


One thought on “Shed Light Rather Than Blood

  1. Filipinos easily forget about things…
    A new headline would make the previous issue forgotten in a few days…

    It’s a (bad, since there’s unnecessary bloodshed) cover-up for the pork-barrel scam… But, the bigger the issue is, the bigger the “blanket” you’ll need… Since you couldn’t cover an issue that big, they chose to just divert the people’s attention to another issue… (which sort of worked)

    It always (I don’t have a source/reference) happen in our country… We just need to not be swayed by these cover-ups…

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