Serves Her Right

Filipinos rushed to defend Miss World 2013 Megan Young when a certain Divina DeDiva made racist comments on Facebook pertaining to Young and the entire Filipino race.

“Miss Philippines is Miss World? What a joke! I did not know those maids have anything else in them,” was her initial post. It was later on followed with “They are poor, smelly from cleaning toilets and uneducated” and “They are mostly filthy maids and will be only of that status. End of story” when netizens challenged her and defended Young.

DeDiva was allegedly an Indian assistant teacher in Singapore.  It was said that she had been relieved from her job at the school as the issue was brought up by her supervisors who happened to be Filipinos. It was also said that she is now afraid to go out in the streets.

Honestly? I think it serves her right to be fired. Yes, she might not have liked Young as the winner and she can express that freely.  But to use derogatory words,  and to include the whole of the Filipino race? That’s definitely below the belt. She should have just kept her mouth shut and kept her nasty comments to herself. In addition to that, it’s justifiable to fire her as there is a law against online racism in Singapore. She definitely broke it.




5 thoughts on “Serves Her Right

  1. People are being urged to speak their minds, but we should also remember that even the freedom of speech is not absolute. I read the whole post; she wasn’t sorry for what she said. But I do hope that Megan having the title of “Beauty Queen with a Purpose” also covers this issue, since she isn’t the only who experienced/ is experiencing this case.

  2. We were given freedom of speech but some people abuse the liberty that was given to them. It was very funny knowing that her boss is Filipino.

  3. I agree that freedom of speech is a human right, but in today’s more globalized and free society, it is important that we temper our words as well.

    I think that DeDiva’s comments betray a lack of finesse and level of civility, or even a lack of proper upbringing. To be honest, I do not even think her words deserve the attention they are getting since such words come from someone of (in my opinion) little to no significance or impact.

  4. I agree with this post. DeDiva, despite being a teacher is mired by ignorance. She didnt even notice her immediate supervisors were Filipinos. I’d say she said it in spite of her Filipino superiors. But honestly, how could she be so ignorant? Her workplace just proves that Filipinos could achieve more, and are more than what she labels them. And even at that, those Filipina OFW she so insulted are living a dignified life, earning a living with their modest day of hard work and labor. And that is admirable.

  5. A word of caution though to all Filipinos, tone it down. Filipinos, unfortunately enough, have a nasty reputation in the online community. I recall playing Dota 2 online, and Filipinos there are generally considered ill-mannered and generally pests to the community. As well as during the FIBA finals between Iran and the Philippines, Hamed Haddadi, who led Iran to the victory, had his Facebook wall bombarded by racist comments and other such nonsense. What I’m just saying is guys, we mustn’t respond to hate with more hate, unless we want this unfortunate reputation to grow.

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