Everyone should be given respect, even if they don’t deserve it. Respecting someone is hard and may sometimes be against our emotions, feelings and pride; but it must be given. No matter how difficult it is, no matter how annoyed we are—we must respect people.


If you are constantly being nagged by your mother to do household chores, do as she says and respect her. If you are being scolded by your dad because of something bad you have done, respect him and take into heart what he is telling you.


If your grandmother asks you to do something every now and then, don’t complain and make tantrums, respect her and obey her. If your grandfather asks you to take him to the bathroom because he has to pee, or asks you to feed him because he needs to eat; give him the respect he deserves. Don’t make faces, go ahead and take good care of him.


If you find your teacher annoying because he is always finding your flaws and asks you to recite all the time, go ahead and take the challenge, respect him.


If you see a woman walking on the streets in an almost bare clothing, don’t think about lust. Think about respect and keep her clothed in your head.


There are different levels of respect, it ranges from something that is pretty shallow to something that is deep. Learn to respect that you may be respected as well.




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