Paying it forward

               While reviewing for this finals week, I spare some time to watch random movie. The movie “Pay it Forward” is interesting enough to distract me from studying.  The story revolves around the idea of a 7th grader on the assignment given by his social studies teacher: how can you change the world. Pay it forward was his response.

                Paying it forward is simply doing a favor to people who really needs help. You do something good without expecting anything in return but for them to pay it forward to three more people each. It is an intricate web of connection and interaction of doing something positive for others. Until you will realize that the goodness you’ve done to someone may return to you through kindness from another random stranger.

                The idea may be too idealistic for this complex world but we can still perform it. This one simple act of kindness can spark a revolution of good deeds.  You may be one person in the world but you can make an impact to another person’s life.

                Utopian? Maybe. But why not give it a try.


3 thoughts on “Paying it forward

  1. The concept’s idealist but it can be a good way to teach young children…
    Young children are easily mold-able… The person they become will depend on the environment they’re put in…

    Teaching the idea of giving or helping must also need to have a boundary… People also need to know when to say “no” to a deed… Helping other people is a good thing, but some people tend to abuse that privilege and might get you stuck in trouble…

    Lookouts and getaway cars, it can happen… And, sadly, you’ll only realize you’re in trouble when it’s too late…
    (From what I know, It’s a crime to aid a criminal)

  2. If I remember the movie correctly, *SPOILER ALERT*, I recall he dies at the end of the movie. And afterwards, all the people he helped, helped other people in turn. So the key here is, we need to create a culture where people no longer only do something while expecting something in return. If we can achieve that, then maybe we can achieve the Utopian society you dream of.

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