On the Pedestal

Entering UP Diliman was really a big challenge. Not only the stressful academics of the premier university you will encounter but also the fact that you will live the next four years of your life away from your family. So I accepted the challenge. Nevertheless, that was the challenge worth taking.

I’d never thought that a big portion of my life would be changed. Before leaving the province, I told myself that I want to be the kind of “kolehiyala” who goes to school, studies at the library and go home after, but that was just only an ideal image. A turn of fate happened. A simple provincial girl turned stepping into the pedestal.

Life is changing. Every people have their own tastes and preferences. I do have a choice, and that choice is to be vocal on every issue our country is facing. Maybe there were lots of catalysts that influence me to be on the roads marching, on the streets holding placards, and on the chair listening to forums.

Some might say I am an “Iskolar Aktibista”, and yes I am indeed. As long as I am pushing for the good, I will never be ashamed. I fact, I am proud of it.

-Regine Perania


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