On Military Service

I think military service is one way to improve a country’s solidarity and sense of unity. Just take a look at Israel, Singapore and Taiwan, they have evolved into economic powerhouses despite the threats to their existence. But what pushes these countries to call upon their citizens for self-defense? Israel is bordered by angry Arab nations who would pounce and overtake them on any chance they got. Taiwan has China. And Singapore has Malaysia. 

It’s well and obvious that existential threats have forced these countries to use a ‘citizen’ army to protect themselves. But there are obvious perks to having a citizen’s army despite having no existential threat on your country. Case in point is Israel. They have institutionalized their military and made it a huge meritocracy. They have created several advance forces units giving not only advance military training but also advance training in engineering and the sciences, giving their citizens a more balanced education. The members of these units (the most prominent being the Talpiot), after their service in the military, become to be leaders in the industry of cutting-edge technology. Why? Because they apply what they learn in the military to their civil lives. And this is what the Philippines should do to foster innovation and creativity among its people



3 thoughts on “On Military Service

  1. Ah! I agree that it’s a very nice idea!
    By pursuing such methods, we will be able to give the people some sort of combat (and discipline) training. We will also be able to obtain a potential source of innovations as you have mentioned.
    However, I think that for such methods to be implemented here… Well… I think that it would be very difficult… Unless… The some sort of “obvious” existential threat actually arises…
    I think that without such threat, the people would always do what’s comfortable for them… and I doubt that advanced military training would be that comfortable…
    Ah! But just to be clear, I’m not saying that this is impossible… It will be very difficult but not impossible…

  2. Reading your blog, I remember Japan. It is now facing a great debate on whether it will put back it’s military power so that they are not only a powerhouse in defense but also in offense.

  3. Quick thoughts: Israel more often than not, initiates the fighting rather than defending itself against “angry Arab nations”.

    Also, I think the military service program’s primary contribution is instilling a greater sense of nationalism and discipline. And it’s this discipline that helps these countries grow.

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