Mean Girls

Remember those ultra-mean, uber-selfish, and undeniably self-conceited plastics from Mean Girls (yes, I am speaking about the movie). Remember how those self-admiring, self-serving and unfriendly plastics did everything to punish anyone and everyone who comes in their way and go against their wants. Don’t you think it’s funny how they act as if the whole world revolves around them? I find it ridiculously funny how they walk into those halls with those hair flips, the shaking of the hips and the pouting lips and expect everyone to step aside because the queen bees are passing through. Sorry if we’re not royalty, but it doesn’t mean you have the right to squish us like those tiny insects you think we are. Don’t you just love to hate them? These aloof and self-serving immodest Plastics may have seemed a funny portrayal, but the sad truth is more and more schools are hosting such elite (as to they think they are royalty). More and more schools are hosting such cliques. Who knew these certain factions actually existed in modern society?

            True Mean Girls and their vile behaviors exist, not only the female species, but male species as well. There are and always will be such strong cliques in every school, cliques that seek to be treated as royalty and factions who believe in elitism, the sense of entitlement enjoyed by such a group or class. Groups of people who wish to elevate themselves from the everyday existence of their peers. This means creating lots of tension and terror for those subjected to their actions. This means fashioning chaos and disunity. It is in this type of groups where in seeds of misjudgment and disorder sprouts. It is seeded in these types of groups the plant of a scattered and a diversified school, the plant of a tensioned and disputed batch, the plant of a divided class. It is known that these kinds of seeds are often planted in such schools and has grown drastically deadly allowing it to have its own mind and come tormenting and harming the rest of the plants in the patch. These seeds are supposed to be reduced. They are to be lessened. These groups who have accumulated such ideas and beliefs must be brainwashed that the world does not and will not solely revolve around them. They must learn to consider the welfare and the feelings of those that surround them. They must learn to get over themselves and think of things that will not only benefit their well-being. They must learn to open their hearts and let the spirit of humility and servant hood come in. Once the spirit of humility and servant hood has entered their hearts, the pack of queen bees will soon be broken down into normal people who are willing to compromise to serve others. What this group of people needs is not a dose of their own medicine (or any type of revenge or pranks because it will not differentiate us from them) but a dose of a good old prayer and communication. Prayer is key for those that are in the position of the queen bees and those that are being affected of what the queen bees are doing. It is important for us to pray for such people. It is important that we ask God to give us the spirit of understanding and a considerate heart and mind, also of a patient and thoughtful being. Once this has been achieved, one must learn to communicate with the certain group. We know we cannot just sit down and allow them to rule the corridors. Though standing up to them and speaking in such arrogance and commotion is not permitted as to it will only heat things up, one must learn to sit down and talk and settle all types of disagreements. One must learn to accept his mistakes and make room for change. One must learn to set aside all types of differences and be able to mend what was broken and build what was once destroyed. One must learn to open the gates of change and humility. This is the only way that the chain of peace and unity will be broken no more.

            Remember how mean girls ended? The queen bees and wanna be’s were open to communication and change that subjected to the restoration of the relationship that was once lost. It is accepted that mean girls exist. Now, we must be the living proof that these commotion and disunity caused by these cliques are able to be mended and unified. This is possible only when one begins to humble himself and decides to be a servant of all. That chain of unity starts within you. It is your choice whether or not you want to restore what was once lost, bring back what was once stolen, build what was once broken and revive what was once dead. Do not wait until a sequel of Mean Girls will come to reality and existence, because apparently, Mean Girls 2 (yes, the movie) exists. 


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