Love Your Own

With hundreds of koreanovelas which were aired in the leading tv networks, a number of Korean idols which held concerts and fan meetings, and the huge impact of K-pop music and dance craze which was vividly seen in the country, there is no doubt that the Korean wave has been making a big splash in the Philippines over the decade. This wave of popularity or known as “hallyu” has found ways to seep not just here, but also globally. It had become the newest tool for expanding the country’s cultural exports and an integral part of Korea’s national image.

I know a number of us here are fans. I won’t deny the fact that I am one. I just hope that despite this, we won’t forget our own culture, our own heritage. That though we admire them, we would not let the fire of our nationalism be overpowered by this Korean wave. That we would always put our country first and take their popularity as a challenge to also make our voices heard and our names known.




3 thoughts on “Love Your Own

  1. I agree with you on that. I really do wish that we have something similar and create some of our own that would be appealing and popular to the rest of the world as those others.

  2. As a self-proclaimed couch potato myself, I would really like to watch locally produced shows, however,I find the shows nowadays are unoriginal and quite boring or over-dramatic so it really is not entertaining and relaxing to watch…

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