Little Ones of Our Home

Effective communicators are made not born but why are my nephew and niece seem like born with extraordinary communication skills? Nynna and Djambo their ways of communicating is so amazing. Even though they are the house’s little beings they are the ones who rock the house out. This duo vividly depicts the cute ideal selves of the ones that want to be really really really good speakers.

Being an excellent communicator is being who you really are, inspiring and entertaining your co-communicators. Nynna and Djambo are just simple kids sleeping, eating, drinking, and playing all day long. But inside of them are very powerful cores with intense radiation of being excellent communicators. They brighten up each and every corners of our home with joy through their own selves as tools that are like no other.

A child’s simplicity is an adult’s happiness. Children show us their non-mutated form of being real communicators. With their complete innocence, every time of the day at home is a memory that must be remembered and will not be forgotten until the end of time.

We must be like them. We must all be The Little Ones of our Home, the Philippines.

-John Ivan M. De Chavez


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