Keep it Up

At times of calamities, it’s a good thing that we, Filipinos, always revive the spirit of the good, old bayanihan. They say that it seems like the Filipino values grow old and fade with time but I believe otherwise. As always we can still count on each other to come together and aid others’ brethren affected by calamities. And we saw the same beautiful show of generosity as several initiatives, not only by the government, but also by the private sectors, which rushed to aid and relieve the victims of the war in Zamboanga. Truly, small gestures of charity are big steps for humanity. It’s really amazing that the nation never fails to show unity in times of need.

Truly, our resilience is being tested as we are being challenged by major disasters.  We must bear in our minds that we should never quit, but instead we should become stronger after all the sufferings. In times of such great distress, we must remember and put in our hearts that there is no exception in helping one another, in restoring and protecting God’s creations, and in securing a better and more secure place for all of us.



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