Just a Perception

After the visit the class had in the Bantayog ng mga Bayani, I couldn’t push the thought of how colonial mentality looms over us out of my head….

Throughout the course of Philippine history, it is evident that a big chunk of our past was being all about subjected under the influence of a foreign rule. If we recall, the Spaniards colonized us for about three centuries, and after gaining independence from their vicious reign, the Americans and the Japanese stormed through our front door! Having this mentioned, it is to no surprise to realize that Philippine culture and nationalism does not have a strong foundation among Filipinos nowadays. Due to the mentality that the Philippines is trivial as compared to foreign countries, a significant number of Filipinos travel abroad (number of OFW reaching 2.2 million based on 2011 statistics to seek a bright future. They fail to realize that their own country, the beloved Philippines, is capable of providing them more than what they need.

When asked why they choose to leave, the most common reason would be the pay. Though when they situate themselves abroad, they obtain a much lower position (underemployment) like in situations where in the Philippines they are teachers but abroad they are simply domestic helpers or when they are doctors here but abroad, they are only nurses/caregivers. Even so, they don’t care since what they care about is the money they earn. In their defense, they do need to work for their families because of the poverty and suffering in our country.

This brings us to the next most common reason. Coming in second place is that they feel that they have more hope abroad, better chances for them. It’s no wonder WHY our country seems to be in a standstill. If I may bounce the ball back, HOW do you expect our country to break free from its current situation if the “hope” this country makes, chooses to fly away for a better nest. This disheartens other professionals who put all their effort in training greenhorns like how Vice-Captain Andrews of Philippine Airlines stated: “…why should we train more pilots only to [have them] be pirated by foreign airlines?”

Brain drain really is a concerning issue. According to another article, it has doubled in the last twelve years! Those trained specially opt to work abroad instead and this has been increasing periodically. Do we posses so little faith in our own country that we leave it to dust? Our government is taking measures just to improve our forsaken country. Like in the 2012 budget hearing, it was pushing for 10 percent increase of allocations for state universities and colleges so that they may better areas, which may bring growth and development in our country. But, what use are these if the students who are trained leave the country anyway. It would be a complete waste of resource!

Though there are many opportunities around, one can be blinded so easily. In this case, we shouldn’t let “colonial mentality” which is simply just how we choose to perceive our situation, extinguish our will and love for our country– our nationalism.

-Patricia Tan

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