Going Home

Having spent my weekend in Baguio, I felt refreshed and energized. People told me it was not the right time to go home since it’s finals week, but my mind kept telling me I had to. The feeling of going home and seeing your family and the place where you grew up is amazing. It’s like you’re in the right place, with the right people (but a bit at the wrong time because I was not able to study.) I noticed that every time I went home, there’s always something that has changed. When I went home last July, there were fountains in Burnham Park already and I found them really nice. Positive or negative, these changes sometimes give me the is-this-still-my-home feeling. Aside from the feeling of being recharged, I get a little sad when I try to recall how this place was fifteen years ago. You see, the present day Baguio is not as beautiful as it was when I was growing up. As I sit here in the bus, I cannot count how many new buildings we have passed by. I cannot recall how many shops and other commercial buildings were built just in the past five years and the the trees that had to be cut up just for them to have somewhere to sit on. I cannot measure how much pollution these have caused, add to that the hundreds of cars and the thousands of people that have crowded the city and covered the mountains with their houses. I remember when the expansion project of SM City Baguio was still a hot issue. They were planning to cut 182 pine trees just for extra profits. All of these made me think. How far can we go for our personal pleasures? Often without a thought, we would go for damaging the environment for our greed and material wants. We are very willing to sacrifice something that does not even belong to us. I guess we haven’t really been the responsible stewards that we should be. We have to act before it’s too late…


3 thoughts on “Going Home

  1. I have the same sentiments regarding my hometown, Los Banos. The government should always check that innovation and caring for the environment go hand-in-hand because it can and it should. We are not anti-progress because caring for the environment is caring for home.

    I may not came from Baguio, but I can say that I spent most of my childhood summers there. I just hope that when I visit it again, it will give me nostalgia and not a lost of identity-feeling.

  2. We are on the same shoes. I also missed my family. Haven’t seen them for 10 months already. Life is changing. In order to gain something, you need to sacrifice something. I hope the government officials in your hometown will have a better solution.

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