Food Supply to People Supply

Soylent Green is a good sci-fi film of 1973, with one of the top action stars Charlton Heston as the central character. The setting of the movie was in New York City, on the year 2022 where the Earth had become overpopulated, reaching a population of 40, 000, 000 in New York City. 

Because of the city’s overpopulation problem, insufficient food supply resulted and only the rich people are those who can afford to eat the real food or the natural food like vegetables, fruits, and meats. The rest of the people are only left with water rations and artificial food known as soylent, which are produced by the Soylent Company. When the president of the Soylent Company was murdered, Detective Robert Thorn was assigned to investigate the case. Throughout the film, he did his job well but surprisingly, what he found out was the mystery behind soylent – that it was made of human.

The movie has a good implication that in the future, it is not impossible for the Earth to be totally different from what we now know. Different in a sense that human will be the same as the other animals which can be processed and used as food. It is not impossible because of the unstoppable rise of the population. So as early as now, we should think of the future generations. What would their lives be if they were on that situation? We should not be selfish so we must think of an effective way on how to control the continuous population growth.

Though Soylent Green is not one of those you can consider as perfect movies, it is still interesting and very important to watch because the issue of the film really matters in our lives as human beings.




2 thoughts on “Food Supply to People Supply

  1. At first, I thought this was just a movie review. I was amazed how you relate the movie to the present status of the world. I do hope overpopulation could be addressed 😦

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