Filipino Xpress: A look at the Philippines’ road to progress

The Jeepney is usually thought of as the stereotypical “Pinoy” mode of transportation. While I agree with this, I believe that the Tamaraw FX has also come to symbolize the filipino people. While the jeepney usually symbolizes the lower class citizens of our country, I have come to associate the Tamaraw FX with the middle class, the low-level executives, the small business owners.

In my journeys inside the FX, I have witnessed many things like accidents, irate drivers, etc. Aside from those aforementioned incidents, I also witnessed this conversation between drivers through that speaker thing inside most FXs. Here is what I remember hearing  while traveling along Novaliches (high five to whoever lives in that area!).

Driver1: Pare, andami dito sa may Holy Cross! Dumaan kayo dito! dalawa na lang kasya sa akin! tig-aapat sila dito!

Driver2: Sige pare, punta na ko doon! ihahatid ko lang yung mga pasahero ko!

That conversation struck me. Why? Because driver1 was telling driver2 where he(d2) could earn more. Instead of forcing more people to ride in his(d1) car like most drivers, he chose to let his friend get the passengers.

Now if only more people were like that. Now only if more people helped each other instead of taking each other down. If only more people led each other to success instead of leading others to failure. I’m pretty sure the country would be in far better shape than it is now.

Im guessing this is the path that we all should follow. However, it simply is not enough for people to follow this road. We also need to help each other overcome the obstacles (corruption, poverty, etc.) along the way, however hard it may be.

It is a fact that army ants, when attempting to cross obstacles, can use their bodies to form a bridge on which their comrades can crawl on. Screw “crab mentality”. Screw it, condemn it, let it burn in hell. “Ant mentality” should be the thing now. Heck, it should be second nature.

Now, Back to the FX….

Remember what i said about the FX symbolizing the middle class? The thing about the middle class is that although they are not rich, they are quite powerful. They are also quite large in number. They are usually quite educated too. In fact, most lower-level government officials come from this level of society. Another thing about the middle class is that they usually have experienced certain levels of both poverty and wealth, so they know how to deal with both the higher and lower social classes. I believe that they could be the driving force in this country’s drive towards progress. They hold more power than either the very rich or the very poor.

If a well driven middle-class leads the way and helps others along, the Philippines would be on its way towards progress.

So yeah, take a ride on the Filipino Xpress (FX). But be careful, its going to be a bumpy ride.


Miguel Silva



One thought on “Filipino Xpress: A look at the Philippines’ road to progress

  1. This is a great post! I never really saw the FX that way. The two drivers in the story were commendable. Regarding the middle class, I think they have the “best” of both world which enables them to move both ways. This is a nice reflection on society indeed.

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