An Open Letter to the Older Generations: Part 1


ImageOn Behalf of My Batch. On behalf of all 90s kids, teenagers, and kids.


This is an open (and slightly informal) letter to every adult who has labeled us as apathetic, selfish and materialistic. 


NSTP has allowed me to see how different your generation is from ours. We have been made fun of for being a ‘selfie’ generation. I personally do not understand what is so wrong with taking pictures of my face once, twice, or thrice a day.  You might think that this is an absurd question, but should it be an issue if I am content with what I’ve been given and if I like my face? For years, adults have talked about how the younger generations would alter themselves to fit a specific mold of what or who is beautiful (which, if I may point out, was a marketing scheme created by people from your generation). Now here we are, comfortable with taking pictures of ourselves while eating an oversized vanilla cupcake or after a long workout looking sweaty and gross yet feeling elated for trying to stay fit, and yet you criticize us for being self-absorbed. I tried to think deeply about the act of taking selfies and the only thing I came up with was this: it is our way of fitting in and accepting who we are while making fun of ourselves in the process.  It’s fun, it’s silly. There’s nothing psychological or “deep” about it. I don’t think Van Gogh’s many, many self portraits has ever made him self-absorbed or selfish. As frustrating as it is to be defined by “selfies”(why does your generation love labeling us?), I guess I’ll take that label and own it because these selfies capture who we are at the moment; teenagers who enjoy life and living, in every sense of the word.


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4 thoughts on “An Open Letter to the Older Generations: Part 1

  1. I agree on what you are saying. I guess its just the generation gap that, like differences across race or sexes, keep us apart and divides us. I think what should be done is mutual respect even though at times how the older generation lives sometimes doesnt jive with how we live our lives.

  2. They too, were teenagers at one point in their lives. I’m sure they also had their “thing”.
    I agree with most of the things written here, however, those who are not part of this generation tend to
    equate taking selfies with narcissism and idleness. We’ve been told that our generation isn’t just
    a selfie/hashtag induced one, but it has also turned into a “notice me, i’m right here” kind of
    generation. And I guess not a lot of people is a fan of that. Having said that, I still believe that respect
    begets respect. Surely, those who continue to scrutinize this generation has had their own share of quirks too.

    • Hi Telle haha!

      “Respect begets respect” is true, and I believe in it too! Thanks for helping me see another side to this topic. 🙂

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