A Moral Mission Rather than a Political Mission

An Inconvenient Truth, an hour and a half long movie of Mr. Al Gore, the former Vice President of the United States, is actually a genre that documents a performance. Mr. Gore presented a slideshow of the most pressing problem of our environment, which is global warming. Actually, he already presented his slideshow around the world and it is a good idea to put it in a film so that anyone who is interested about the issue (but all of us must be interested) can watch the film.

In a professional manner, Mr. Gore explained the causes and adverse effects of global warming. He also pointed out what might happen in the future if we do not take action quickly to reverse the trend of global warming. Global warming is actually the effect of our own choice of lifestyle. Too much consumption of fossil fuel and energy, the continuous emission of chloro-fluoro-carbons and other pollutants can seriously affect our Mother Earth. Too much heat in the atmosphere is certainly the cause of melting ice caps and glaciers that could lead to sea level rise. Global warming is also an important factor of the climatic change in the world. Because of this, we are expected to experience more and stronger typhoons which could lead to environmental and economic destructions. So the choice is in our hands. We, as human beings, can help by using green energy. If we can limit ourselves to just walking or riding a bicycle, why not do it. If we can reduce our usage of plastics and other aerosols, why not do it. If we are given a chance to vote those people who are environmentally friendly candidates, why not do it. We can act to change. We can change for the better.

The movie is so compelling that after you have watched it, you would want to have an eco-friendly lifestyle and you would want to immediately recommend it to all of your friends. The graphics used in the slideshow were very nice and they added to a more clear, concise and understandable explanation of global warming. The good thing about Al Gore’s character is that he is so convincing and he is charismatic. David Guggenheim, the director of the film also incorporated some of Al Gore’s private life. He showed how Al Gore lived as a child, and what are his dreams at that young age. He also showed how painful Al Gore felt when he lost a child and when he lost the presidential position.  These are all helpful for the viewers to understand why he became so committed to environmental action. I must say that this is a good movie because we saw a great man, a civic leader who is willing to dedicate his life for a good cause. It is clear that Mr. Al Gore is on a mission – a moral issue rather than a political one.




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