Everyday commute using public transportation is the best a mess. You have drivers who don’t know how to follow traffic rules, passengers who also don’t know how to follow traffic rules,  and the polluted air. These are some of the problems I can think of and face during my daily SM to UP, UP to SM trips for the past semester.

Jeepney drivers. SM-UP jeepney drivers are actually pretty obedient, most ( I repeat, MOST, not all) of them follow traffic rules, have specific stops and aren’t really that bad at driving. This is all merely based on observation but I think they follow rules strictly (at the very least within UP) is that we have our own police department, The problem mainly lies with other drivers, swerving lanes, stopping in the middle of the road to let passengers alight (which I will mention again later) and driving really really fast (don’t get me when wrong I love it when my trip is fast especially when I’m late for something, but then again I don’t want to feel like riding a rollercoaster on the road where there are other vehicles and people. Heavy traffic, just a few minutes (even seconds) after leaving the terminal, at the Mindanao Avenue-North Ave intersection is caused by jeepney and FX drivers waiting for the left turn to Mindanao Avenue light to go green the the green light is on for the vehicles going straight to North Avenue, this is one of the most frustrating traffic causes ever as you waste a whole minute, even five if the situation is really bad.

Passengers. Passengers are often forgotten or invisible when it comes to blaming who is responsible for heavy traffic. People just want to go off at their exact destination, this doesn’t present much of a problem when it comes to big roads or roads with less traffic, but when you’re travelling along Agham Road and then the jeepney in front stops to let a passenger alight is more often than not, time consuming. People complain when the jeepney driver doesn’t let them go down immediately after shouting PARA! when in fact the driver was just doing the right thing.

Pollution. Oh so sweet pollution. Imagine a fine morning, you’re all set for school, you take your usual jeepney ride, feeling the cool air against your face, then comes a bus puffing out smoke like a smoke machine at a rock concert. Lovely right? NOT. Then on the way home as you exit UP you travel along Commonwealth Avenue where you almost breath in more smoke than air. As if I was having an asthma attack and the buses were acting as my nebulizer. I think the local government does put effort into anti-smoke belching policies, question is how much.

These are very little problems compared to our national issues. But if we cannot get our act together and do the right thing in the small things. No matter how hard we complain or protest, we should not expect to fix bigger problems.



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  1. I feel you! That explains why I always try to go home on weekends to Laguna though the distance and travel time.

    I admire how this post also sends a shoutout to the responsibility of the passengers.

  2. I totally get this. Commuting is such a hassle. The thing I hate most is the pollution. I feel like when I get home, my organs are already black with all the smoke I’ve inhaled. hopefully, there will be actions to improve on public commute.

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