The True Horrors of the Now-Cliché Global Phenomenon

Global warming. A term that had started circulating around the scientific realm since the late ‘80s, something that still sounded a distant future to the people back then.

Now, it is a clichéd term that is now in the present. Whereas people had little fear of this global warming back then, we had a lot to fear now. For this global warming is slowly becoming the norm. Melting ice caps. Rising sea levels. Stronger and more deadly flooding all over the world. And, of course, increasing dread of what is to happen in the not-so-distant future.

But then who could actually predict the true extent of the damage global warming brings, and continues to bring?

The sad fact is, no one.

Though we have tried hard to predict the effects of global warming in the overall climate in the Philippines and the world, like creating an application that monitors the flood-heavy parts of the country, and innovating measuring equipment, we still fail to foresee the mess after the occurrences of these things that were reinforced with global warming.

In the end, we’re still humans, with a limit to our capabilities.

-Fatima Blaise M. Cruz


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