Martial Law, Version 2013

On the 41st anniversary of the declaration of martial law, struggles and issues of the past crawled out of the trunks and reminded the country of its dark times. Truly, the current generation did not experience and cannot imagine what it was like back then. Despite the martial law being lifted and gone, some struggles of the past still linger in the present day.

During the Marcos regime, citizens were not allowed to voice out their concerns and emotions publicly, stripping one of their major rights. Equally, the government at the time was also very secretive in terms of the every transaction they made, thus stimulating the possibility and opportunity of corruption. The government had incapacitated its citizens, turned them to blinds and mutes. After the declaration of liberty from the martial law and Marcos regime, freedom was boundless, until recently.

Last year, the government signed the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012, which has certain provisions affecting the citizens’ freedom of speech and expression, as well as, data security. This law is limiting the people’s opinions and giving the government the power to meddle and access its citizens’ private information.

To counter and establish once again the freedom fought before, through different civil society organizations, the Freedom of Information Bill was filed. Aiming to release government information to the public, the bill will be the stepping stone in battling corruption and relaying knowledge and awareness to the public.

Though the bill is not yet signed, the people should support and fight for this it truly is a train ride to an honest government. Therefore, preventing the history from happening again. Personally, it is a tit for tat with respect to the Cybercrime Prevention Act. The government want to get into the citizens’ heads, well, citizens first!


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