Logic Isn’t Applicable on the ‘Net

Remember how great the Internet was going to be?

It was going to unleash the collective wisdom of humanity. People were going to share ideas with people who they never would have encountered otherwise. Old ideas were to be challenged and tossed out if found wanting. All this sharing was going to make it easier for us to realize just how much we have in common with each other.

Unfortunately, the Internet just proved that crazy trumps wisdom, and facts fall in the face of lies.

The promise of all the good the Internet could do was there from the start. It was created by scientists as a way to make it easier to share information. It was assumed there was a way to tell good data from bad data. The more people who saw and assessed something, the more likely it was that flaws and mistakes would be discovered and corrected. That was the way it was supposed to work.


4 thoughts on “Logic Isn’t Applicable on the ‘Net

  1. I agree with you. Internet has become deteriorated and has made us become deteriorated as well. Instead of making us look at the good data, most people (if not all) used the Internet to surf for bad data.

  2. A lot of people blame the Internet for their ignorance, but in my opinion it’s still actually our own (mankind’s) fault that a lot of us are still ignorant. Ignorant people remained ignorant and found other ignorant people like themselves on the Internet. What resulted? They further perpetuated their wrong ideas and worse, actually convinced themselves and others that they were correct.

  3. ^To an extent, I sort of disagree with you. The internet has brought good data and knowledge to a lot of people.

    The internet never really deteriorated. The “bad data” you talked about has been around since the dawn of the information age.

  4. One of the main functions of the internet is to allow for dissemination of information on a massive scale, and the information uploaded is not necessarily accurate and not necessarily useful. Thus, it is the responsibility of consumers of information on the internet to be wary of the kind of information that exists there, since those who upload information may not necessarily be after providing accurate and useful information.

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