Upon seeing the title of this blog post, most of you probably don’t know what Dangal is. It does not have its definite English translation, nor is it a word that Filipinos regularly use. But back in my high school, we learned how this dangal is the most important thing a country man needs to uphold his nation’s being.

Brownraise.org was that website where we got this article entitled Dangal in the Classroom. And let me ask you the same questions the 4th grade adviser asked her students one class day. [from the articlke]

What is Dangal?

Let us assume that you have not eaten for almost a week, and I throw a cupcake [ensaymada] on the floor, in front of you. Will you get it? Should you get it?

The answer should be no. I know a lot may argue that the ensaymada should be taken; that physiological needs are more important than pride.

But Dangal is not just pride, nor is it just dignity, nor self respect. Dangal is the perspective of how important one’s self is. It is the noble belief that you are significant and you should be treated significant. That you shouldn’t stoop down to any level to satisfy a standard or a need.

If Filipinos are knowledgeable about what Dangal is and are capable of embodying and living such, the struggle for national identity should not be a problem. For then, we will realize the Filipino people’s true potentials and figure out that we are just equally important as all the other nations of the world.

*brownraise.org is now defunct


One thought on “Dangal

  1. Of course it seems sort of empowering to deny yourself physiological needs to stand up and prove a point, but be careful not to be too arrogant. There’s a fine line between making a point and just being stubborn, in my opinion. Interesting read though! I learned a new word hehe

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