Continuous innovations, abiding technology and new developments are very much evident in this world’s generation. These changes are the breakthroughs of what we call Southernization. The West began to have an impact on the rest of the globe from about the fifteenth century while according to Lynda Shaffer; the South began to have a similar impact a millennium earlier.

            Having these advances in Southern Asia including the discovery of bullion sources, the emergence of a new mathematics, the pioneering of trade routes, the trade in tropical spices, the cultivation of southern crops such as sugar and cotton, the invention of various technologies and the three technologies: the compass, printing and gunpowder had transformed the face and state of things throughout the world. . From this phenomenon, new developments and new elements spread throughout the Eastern Hemisphere.

            Southernization is just somewhat akin to Westernization. Not only the two words are used to describe highly similar cultural phenomena, but it also contends that Southernization actually set Europe and the rest of the world for westernization. The movement of certain technologies and cultural developments from South Asia to the North and eventually through Europe by way of the caliphates, allowed for the cultural developments of Western Europe during and after the Middle Ages that led to the process of westernization. Thus, the beginning of the British Industrial Revolution was the upsurge of Europe but remember the inventions of India and China are the one that aided the Industrial Revolution.

            Unfortunately, most of us assumed that we are Westernized, a wrong notation that we keep on considering. In fact, we were “Southernized,” the numerous years of western dominance have blinded many from even knowing what other world powers or influences existed before it because we merely have ideas if what Southernization is. Southernization is a significant process that transpired from Southern Asia, highly considered as the “land of the firsts” and spread all throughout the world. Without this, we wouldn’t attain what we have now and we’ll still linger to the non-innovative life. 


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