20 Days Later

‘Hindi biro ang mabuhay sa isang lugar na kung saan paggising mo pa lamang ay puro putukan at kaguluhan na ang maririnig sa kapaligiran, walang kasiguraduhan sa buhay ng sarili at mga mahal sa buhay. Mas lalong hindi biro para sa isang musmos na nabibilang sa hanay ng kabataan…”


The very moment a student is taught regarding the National Flag of our country, the teacher will commonly explain what does every part of the flag means. This is how it fundamentally goes:


Blue – Kapayapaan (Katotohanan at Katarungan)

Red – Digmaan (Kagitingan at Kabayanihan)


Blue over Red – Panahon ng Kapayapaan

Red over Blue – Panahon ng Digmaan


Sun – Pagkakaisa (Kalayaan, Demokrasya at Soberanya)

Eight Rays of the Sun – Walong Probinsya na nanguna sa paglaban sa mga Espanyol

                                    (Manila, Bulacan, Pampanga, Nueva Ecija, Tarlac, Cavite, Laguna, Batangas)


Stars – Tatlong pangunahing Isla (Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao)


Aside from those mentioned above, there are still a lot of variants available and unexplained parts, but then again, these are the common knowledge a pupil from elementary is expected to know. Some other parts left unexplained may be the white triangle background of the sun and stars, such as why it is white and why does it need to be in an equilateral form, still, the size of the flag and why the proportion of its height to its width is in such ratio.


The flag is a definite symbol of freedom and sovereignty of the nation; then it will simply mean that anyone who tries to pull down any of our national flag from its pole for the purpose of vandalism or even more, change for another flag that is not the very similar flag, tries to pull down the freedom of our nation and her sovereignty even in the minimal extent. In short, this is a form of rebellion and any rebellion shall be held intolerable under one of the foundations of any nation, her sovereignty above any external threats.


Why am I telling all of this information? Basically, it is because such act had been tried to be put in place, particularly in the city of Zamboanga when MNLF soldiers were reported to attack the city, forcing to take over the city hall, one act through the shift of waving flags, from the National Flag of the Philippines to the one representing the MNLF faction, the flag of an unrecognized state so-called “Bangsamoro Republik” or officially declared as the “United Federated States of Bangsamoro Republik” of which is said to be under the leadership of their ‘president’ Nur Misuari.


Fast forwarding to 20 days after the incident, the government declared ‘Mission Accomplished’ as the military armed forces had a change of orders from one that focuses on hostage rescue operations to aid and guidance for the affected evacuees.  It must be really true that this problem is Mindanao is still inconclusive and that the framework set by the current administration is in hot water, knowing that elements such as the MNLF still exist trying to break away from the Philippine Republic.


These kinds of events are nothing but roadblocks and detriments to the peace that we want to achieve in Mindanao. It is not actually about them being part of the Philippines; it is about the lives of the people that are at stake, about what most citizens in Mindanao would want for them to be considered as part of, there are a lot of innocent lives affected with these fire fights between the rebels and the government, these events solve nothing at the expense of innocent lives, even those of the young ones. 


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