Thoughts on “The Planet”

I recently watched a Swedish documentary released in the year 2006 called “The Planet.” It is about the environmental issues of the world. This documentary made me reflect on the patterns and effects of human behavior and natural existence from different areas of the world and from different viewpoints. It discusses how the earth is growing economically, locally, and even the growth of its population. It was shown that our planet earth provides us with so many free thing that we, humans, are dependent on. The earth is our life support system and one said that we are over consuming our limited resources.

I was very interested in what was shown in the documentary and how humans affect the earth. What I was most interested in was how one person discussed how the collapse of the Easter Island Society may be a metaphor of the earth. The Easter Island Society is an island distant from many others. The people of the Easter Island Society used up all the resources of the island causing the society to eventually collapse. This is similar to the earth with how it is the only planet humans are dependent on for living. There is no other planet that humans can flee to. We, humans, are over consuming our resources and what happened to the Easter Island Society may soon happen to our world.

This made me realize that there is only one earth and it has its limits. As humans, we are capable of doing more things than any other creature on the planet. Thus, we are tasked to find ways to help and take care of our planet. This can be done by simply reducing the use of plastic, not harming animals, and planting trees. We have many simple ways by which we can improve our planet and prepare it for many more generations to come.



-Anna Bettina F. Soriano


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on “The Planet”

  1. Your blog is really applicable in taday’s fast paced world. It is true that the world today is growing with the rampant innovative technologies and inventions, However are we really growing in the long run? I feel as if we don’t really experience its effects as much but if we continue disregarding the environment’s needs, it might be too late for the future generations. I hope we find more solutions to environmental problems that will allow all of us to work for a greener planet!

  2. I felt sad for the people in Easter Island when I read this. 😦 But then, I agree with what you said about we humans taking action to save the earth.

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