Philippine Bishops and Clergymen: Why They Should’ve Got Out More Often

I can’t count the number of times I let go of a heavy sigh every time I read a new statement from CBCP. From the bishop who bashed people for taking selfies and excessive teleserye and to those who stubbornly keep the fight against the RH Law. These clergymen seem to be naïve to the public that they are sworn to serve and guide. They are naïve to the point that their statements and arguments seem quite inapplicable to this present day and age.
Look at their main alternative to the RH Bill which is natural family planning, how feasible is that exactly in this day and age. Don’t they realize that copulation is one of the few things Filipino Poor can still enjoy in this present society. How possible do they think abstinence is still for the average married couple. They also seem to be deaf about the issue of maternal deaths in our country. I understand that there is a doctrine they must consider, but shouldn’t they consider the situation of the people that they are subjecting their doctrine to. After all, not all Filipinos are Catholics. I choose to believe the more optimistic side and view this as inadequate exposure to the situation of the Filipino poor for them to maintain this kind of mentality. The issue of RH is just one of the social problems these clergymen do not understand and I believe they must take a stroll in the communities affected by these problems. If they remain the same, I fear for the future of the church.


One thought on “Philippine Bishops and Clergymen: Why They Should’ve Got Out More Often

  1. I do not begrudge the bishops and clergymen of their opinion, they will fight for their faith and that is admirable. However, it is true that much has changed and they are struggling to adapt to the new ideas of society. I, like you, fear for the future of the church if they continue with their current arguments.

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