On Marcos Loyalists and Sympathizers

They say that the Filipino has a short memory, short enough to forget what a certain person headed our country to during his 20-year reign. Ferdinand Marcos, a man who caused our government to collapse on debt, a man who tried to withdraw our freedom from us, a man who caused great suffering and loss in our country is shockingly being viewed by some in the present as man who fostered development, economic strength and welfare in the Philippines. The people who share these views are mostly divided between Marcos loyalists and sympathizers.
Marcos Loyalists are mainly comprised of relatives of the Marcos family and his cronies and those of the Ilocos region. Although Loyalists do have something to hold on to for their stubborn support of McCoy, it is my opinion that their views are incredibly narrow-sighted in the context of those who suffered under the Marcos regime and to our country in general to whom the regime has the biggest fault. Sympathizers on the other hand are less forgivable. There were a lot of circulating posts being shared in Facebook celebrating the Marcos Regime as one that led great development to our country especially when compared to the current administration. I am unsure if these people are just ignorant about our country’s history or if they have just nothing else good to do. I sincerely hope it’s the latter because I find it quite depressing that a lot of Filipinos today are forgetting what our countrymen fought against during the martial law period. For the first time I feel grateful that I sat through all those boring classes on history through college and high school and at least remembered that Marcos among everything else was the most influential crook our country has produced.
– Julian Medalla 2012-26338


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