NSTP Experience

The experience I had with my NSTP class was unlike any other. At first, I thought that it would just be a series of boring talks on how we would provide service to the community. But after attending the next sessions, I found myself looking forward to it every Monday. I found  myself very fascinated with all the talks of the speakers.

We had a variety of speakers. From the field of law, to archaeology, to politics, to geology, to community development and many more. They shared with us their opinions and thoughts on what “Tatak UP” is and how they applied it on their journey from being an Iskolar ng Bayan to becoming the successful individuals they are today.

I really learned a lot from this NSTP class. We may have different points of view on what Tatak UP is. As for me, it’s not about how high your grades are or haw many achievements you get, it would always be working hard not for your own good but for the common good of everyone. It’s about loving your country and serving its people once you get an opportunity to do so.It’s about fighting for what you think is right until the end. It’s about feeling proud that you are a Filipino and proving to the world that we aren’t as small as they think we are. This is what I have learned in my NSTP class and I hope that everyone would get this rare opportunity on hearing those amazing people that defined what Tatak UP really is.



4 thoughts on “NSTP Experience

  1. I think though that our nstp could be improved if we had more activities that catered more to student involvement so we would be able to apply what we learned during the talks

  2. Although I am happy for you that you felt you had a good experience in class, I’m afraid to say that I did not share the same feelings during our NSTP class. The class just felt so detached, I wished it had more activities or was focused on really preparing us for net semester’s NSTP rather than just a series of lectures.

  3. I agree with the last paragraph. In addition to that, I think that every day is an opportunity for us to serve our fellow Filipinos, our country. We just have to bear in mind our goals and be happy, be on what we are doing, be who we are and I know for sure, we’ll find ourselves realizing that “Oh, I’m serving the country through my little ways.”

    Well, like you, I learned many lessons too. 🙂

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