My Businessman Idol

If I had a businessman idol, it would the great industrialist, John D. Rockefeller. I think he is worthy to be included with the founding fathers of America, within the ranks of Washington. While Washington and his people at the capitol were at work building the institutions of the most powerful nation on earth, John D. was on the other side, building industries through wit, cunning and consolidation. He built industries whose products would reach far beyond the emissaries and diplomats of America could ever scour. His oil would be used in China, to power lamps.

John D. Rockefeller is the epitome of the ingenious American industrialist; first in the line of businessmen whose vision has brought the American spirit and culture not only throughout their county, but also throughout the world. If McDonalds had a great-grandpa, I’d say he would be Rockefeller. Though the business differs greatly, I think the scope they have achieved is similar. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Trust might not have survived the test of time because of the immense public dissent growing against gargantuan monopolies, the derivative companies still make up a dominant role in the global arena, just as Standard Oil did a hundred of years ago. ExxonMobil, one of the world largest companies is the derivative of Standard Oil of Indiana and Standard Oil of Ohio. Although I cannot say that Rockefeller was solely responsible for the growth of this great monopoly, I am fairly certain his able judgment have guided it through its development. 


3 thoughts on “My Businessman Idol

  1. Not only was he a great businessman, but he was also a philanthropist. He donated a lot of his money to charity and he even had the Rockefeller Foundation, which is an organization he created that utilized his money to help society. For me, that is the definition of a great businessman, someone who has the ability to be successful and yet still be kind, charitable and down-to-earth and humble enough to know that he wouldn’t be in that position if it weren’t for others who helped him along the way.

  2. Thank You Jamby for this blog post! I was able to watch Innovators: The Men who changed America and one of those featured there was John D. Rockefeller, and from what I saw he is truly amazing especially with how he built standard oil from the ground up. From me John D. Rockefeller is also one of the successful business men I look up to, aside from JP Morgan, with character aside you could see how he used his skill to achieve his ambition and his dreams. In my opinion, he is a symbol to all to never give up and if you have a dream you could achieve it as long as you work hard and find ways. Thank You again for the post!

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