Home Sweet Home

Back when I was in high school I asked my dad if he would be disappointed in me if I would migrate and live in a different country. My dad worked in the government during the entirety of his career, so I was quite surprised when he told me that as long I was happy he would be okay with me migrating. I must admit that I am not the most nationalistic person in the sense of promoting Philippine Culture. I must admit that I prefer western media, music, art and literature over our own
I really considered living a life outside our country and traveling to the places I have only dreamt of. I also imagined myself earning bigger bucks and having better cars. Despite all of this, whenever I link the word happy to a place there’s always this gravitational pull that associates the word happy to place us call home. Despite being heavily influenced by foreign culture and language, I can never consider any other country as my home. The warmth of home can never be replaced by mountains of cash, shiny cars and big houses. Home is where you are the happiest and our country is home. I may have to give up earning as much money as I want, see the places of my dreams and most importantly fulfill my childhood dream of meeting Emma Watson. This is however small trade-offs for having that warmth of home I feel here sa Pilipinas.
– Julian Medalla 2012-26338

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