Duty to Nature

Recently, a video of three girls stepping on an innocent puppy to death went viral and caught the attention of many. Police is now in search for these girls because it violates Republic Act No. 8485, also known as The Animal Welfare Act of 1998. This abuse of animals is punishable not just because the law says so, but also because humans have the duty to take care of God’s creation, to take care of the environment – not just animals but basically everything around them.

Human beings are so caught up in achieving an ideal society – a society where each and every single citizen practices their rights: the right to eat enough, the right to live in a safe shelter, the right to get quality education, the right to work, and simply the right to live contently. Worse, many humans are mostly preoccupied only with themselves – to have their hands on large amounts of money – that they forget they have a role in the society. Even so, human beings tend to forget that their roles don’t stop with the society; it goes on to the environment and nature.

May the video be a reminder of such duty of human beings. May they be aware of their surroundings, how dirty and chaotic the environment is, and start doing something to fix and clean their surroundings back to their beautiful state.  Humans are the only ones with the ability to take care of the environment, and they should not take advantage of it. It is not wrong to desire an ideal human society, but the importance of nature should not be ignored.

-Angelica Clemente


7 thoughts on “Duty to Nature

  1. Importance of nature should not be ignored indeed. If it’s one thing, to add to that, nature is God’s gift and we shouldn’t take advantage of what He has blessed us with. Nature and everything else should be a constant reminder that God is with us, and God cares for us. We should never take advantage of Him and this includes taking advantage of his blessings and His gifts to us.

  2. I guess another point to be made here is that humans should take care of nature since we are a part of it. If we were to continue abuse it, nature would find a way to get back at as, just as it already has.

  3. I saw this video going around facebook, and I tried taking a look to see if it was really true but I couldn’t even get past the minute mark. Truly horrible. You’re right to bring up that we shouldn’t just be concerned with our own development all the time, but with taking care of other creatures in nature.

  4. I just hate how some people think that since we’re “humans” we’re above any other living thing here and we can use and abuse all the things around us. We may have brains, but we should also consider both morality and the boundaries of what and who we are. Just because we can think, doesn’t mean they can. What makes us “us” is the fact we have reason. These girls are despicable. They should be punished as the law as stated without question.

  5. This act of violence is not something that is totally new, however, it is recurring. This recurrence is the problem for us, or for those who think too highly of themselves as humans as to give themselves the right to step on the rights of other animals. We should remember that we are mammals, we do not belong in a different category in the animal kingdom. We should never think too highly of ourselves because this kind of thinking will come to bite us in the end. And I agree, we should protect not only animal rights but also the environment and its resources. We should learn to give back what we take.

    Some may argue that our capacity to think is what makes us the better species. However, this kind of thinking doesn’t excuse violent behavior from us. I we know better, shouldn’t we know what is the right thing to do?

  6. The question that came to my mind while reading this was why the three girls wanted to step on the puppy in the first place. But then, whatever their reason, these girls should not have done it to the dog.

  7. I saw this video being shared on Facebook but the thumbnail already looked horrifying so I haven’t watched it. I can’t believe those girls would do something like that. I’m glad it was put to notice and I heard that these girls are already being punished for that terrible act. Thanks for sharing your insights about it and may this be a reminder to all of us of our duties and responsibilities as human beings.

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