Your future life in UP

As a senior amongst the sophomores, I thought it would be helpful to impart some thoughts on what life in UP will be like for the rest of your stay here.

As you should already be aware, UP is one of the most prestigious and competitive schools in the country meaning that every student that you will meet will be the valedictorians or salutatorians of their respective schools. NEVER BE COCKY. Remember that everyone in UP have given their all to be in the University and chances are, even when you think you’re the best at something, someone from a small town in the province may be better than you. That said, also remember that YOU ARE IN THE UNIVERSITY FOR A REASON. You passed the exam when many did not, you earned the right to be here and you should fight and claw to stay in the University.

Regarding the Economics curriculum, as you are no doubt aware, the Economics curriculum has the most number of free electives of all courses in the University. Which means as you progress, many of you will go out and partake of the subjects of other courses. While the most common electives taken are those especially related to economics like Political Science, I encourage you to take the opportunity to delve into your interests a bit more. I for one have taken multiple creative writing courses because I love to write, so if you want to go learn a foreign language, nothing is stopping you.

And lastly, a lesson drilled into my head by my former English 1 professor, cherish the opportunity to be in UP. For all we know, someone somewhere passed the UPCAT with a higher score than you but was not able to attend the University due to money constraints. Never take for granted the chance presented to you and prove that you belong in the University. And try to have fun, otherwise what’s the point?

-Kenneth Jimenez, 2010-24727


One thought on “Your future life in UP

  1. “Never take for granted the chance presented to you and prove that you belong in the University.” This one line is my current life in a nutshell. Very short but simple read you have here. I guess to be in the university, you have to constantly prove it. Wise words.

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