The Need to Occupy

Many youth, nowadays, have detached themselves to participating or just even understanding the political and social issues that we have today. Just check on your Facebook account, you will see posts that speaks true to the generation that we have today- narcism and consumerism at its finest. The question that I am about to answer would not just be an ordinary report about the occupy movement but a challenge that calls for action. Am I ready to put the needs of society before my own?


From Canada, Denmark, France , Hongkong, Malaysia, USA, Nigeria, South Korea and England, and a lot more countries all over the world, millions of citizens, children, youth, adults from different walks of life gather around different cities with one battle cry, “We are the 99 %”.  These series of international protests is what we call Occupy Movement and one of the most significant of which is the Occupy Wallstreet a spatial symbol of all occupy movements. The 99 % being referred to in the slogan is the majority who suffered from the faults of minority. Who is this 1 %, they are the biggest businessman in the world who continuously undermines the rights of the majority, who influences politics to gain more profits even though it tarnishes on the right of others, others referring to the 99%. Another goal of these social movements is to put back what true democracy is, that the government should act for the people and not to the few but prominent elites.


These social movements clearly manifest post-socialist condition in such a way that we can see the issue of economic redistribution cutting across cultural recognitions. That men and women all marginalized by economically gathered in throngs of driven activists disregarding for social and cultural differences in order to overthrow the unstable and one-sided international financial system. We must also take not that this movements are not solely economic in nature, these has more explicit effect socially especially to the lower but bigger half of the economic pyramid, the apex being the capitalists and elites. These could further be explained by the continuous increase in income taxation to middle and low-income earners in order to combat recessions, while wages continue to become stagnant.


I believe in the aspirations of the Occupy Movements. We must walk along the streets, held our voices, sing the song of our fellow country men in the work fields, in the academe, in sorrow, in need, at home, in the slums. Fight for the true democracy. Uncover the illusions and pretentions of the ruling elites, because I’ am part of that 99 %. I must work, I must act, because the 99% without me is a 99 % less of a certain part.

 -John David Alcantara


2 thoughts on “The Need to Occupy

  1. It is true that every person fighting for change can make a difference. I mean, if every person decided to act now and voice out their opinions on important matters, maybe things would turn out for the better. So I say, go David! Fight for your beliefs, fight for yourself, for your friends, for the people who can’t fight. Fight for the Filipinos.

  2. I also think that sometime the government forgets that they’re not present to serve the interests of the few but they exist for the betterment of a whole nation. The Occupy Movement is a manifestation of how the government is actually working and that democracy is something that is a necessity for everyone’s beneficence. I think that many people around the world would support such social movement for it is through this arrangement where people could voice out the change their asking for and fort them to really make a statement that everyone can listen to.

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