Project NOAH

Coming from a province that is rarely flooded due to storms, I was not that aware of the conditions of the other places particularly in the greater Manila area during storms, all I knew was that CAMANAVA were the frequents places to get flooded. When I entered UP I became more aware of not only my surroundings, but also the places near me, and I can’t say how shocked I was when I realized that there are lots of places near Diliman that flood easily.

I was amazed by project NOAH, when I heard the speaker talk about all the plans, and all the things that are already installed/made, it made me feel a little safer. Safer in the sense that I can easily know the weather conditions not only of the place where I live, but also the places near me.

A lot of people who would have heard the plans for project NOAH before would have thought that it is too big, but if they see the progress of it now, they would probably say that not every big thing is impossible. Project NOAH is an example that all things, as long as there is consistent effort, are possible


Mark Buenaventura



2 thoughts on “Project NOAH

  1. I also felt the same thing when I first came to UP. And I agree with what you said about Project NOAH: amazing. I hope they continue to improve it so that it will reach wider ground.

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