Dear Impetuous Adolescents

“We are wild and young and free!” these words are part of the lyrics of Young, Wild and Free, a song by the famous One Direction boy band. Thinking deeply in these ensemble of words, wild, young, and free, I found myself strolling back to memory lane, way back in High School. When I was blown off with so much emotional turbulances and everyday, my mantras were, “Just live the moment” and “Dude, there are no boundaries.”  Everything was possible and reachable. Well, at that time, that was what I thought.

As I look at myself now, with a belief that I have grown up in one way or another, one question was disturbing me, “Why in the world did I do this or that?” Much more disturbingly, I am very sure that I am not the only one who experienced this. A lot of adolescents like me have been in the same rush, the same impulse that pushed us to unimaginable quests of determining what else we are capable of.  The problem is some of us were pushed too much or has desired to be so much exploratory in their teenage years. As you open the television, you will see news about delinquents, or street rumbles all committed by the youth. The next big question is, “What went wrong with Adolescence?”

In answering the question, I have seen that we have to basically look on the changes that have happened to an adolescent and explore further on how teenagers would react to such changes. Every now and then a child turns into adolescence, not necessarily by the change of age, but by the decisions he or she is capable of.  Every situation and circumstance can either aggravate or ease the changes that are happening to him or her. We must also remember that in any point in our time as humans, there would always be changes along the way. This is just life as it is. But always keep in mind that all the great people that we know right now were also once adolescents. We just have to figure out the way to get there and, the bonus is that we can tell the next batch of adolescents that we have been there, and we have done that.

Sincerely and with much empathy,

The Revamped Adolescent

-John David Alcantara


One thought on “Dear Impetuous Adolescents

  1. Well thats the effect of today’s modern pop culture. That combined with the Philippine colonial mentality easily changed how adolescence affected our youth. You yourself said “Every situation and circumstance can either aggravate or ease the changes that are happening to him or her” so you should also know that even a thing such as a song combined with the right circumstances can change a person. And although it is a good thing to tell our experience to the next batch, did we even actually listen to the batch before us? Well I don’t think so, which is why we have our regrets. It’ll keep repeating for the future generations to come and I can only hope that our culture turns into something which is free from drugs, smoking, alchohol and #YOLO people.

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