Global warming can be addressed by sharing what one knows to people. But being an active Internet user, a community member, and a simple concerned Filipino, one has many ways to enlighten others about this alarming issue.

The least one can do in addressing global warming is to tell his or her friends and family about the effects of it. After all, great contributions start with simple acts; in this case, humbly informing the people what one knows regarding this subject can lead to having more and more citizens aware and in the know.

As a part of the community, one can also talk to neighbors and put up posters around the subdivision regarding the facts about global warming. Using posters is a good means of catching one’s attention which can get neighbors curious and engaged in this particular topic. Aside from neighbors, each of us can also engage in a discussion about global warming with other concerned citizens, may it be in school, parks, malls and many more.

Being a member of the ever-growing digital age, the youth has the capacity to use social networking sites such as facebook, twitter and tumblr to talk about global warming. Putting up blog posts, tweets, statuses and whatnot is the easiest and cheapest way to help people be aware of an issue nowadays; one only needs a good Internet connection and a few clicks, and off one’s thoughts spread. We can take advantage of the world wide web and tell our friends, followers, etc of what global warming is and what it does to our planet.

These ways, however simple, can make a notable impact to some people, the country, and most importantly, the planet. An ordinary student like you can only do so much, but if each student does the same, the collective effort can really change how people perceive global warming.



3 thoughts on “Contributions

  1. I agree. In our own little ways, we can contribute something to our planet. And, with the use of modern technology, it is now easier to share to the people our notions about global warming–its harmful effects, how we can alleviate it, and how we can provide long-term solutions for it. However, in order to do this, we need to have first the initiative to start an action and do something for mother earth. We are equpiped with the tools, we just need to have the initiative and heart to do what we really know is best for our planet.

  2. This I have to agree with. Technically it is impossible to stop global warming, and that is a fact. However we can still move to mitigate the effects, and as an internet user as well I have to agree that those little things. Those shares,blogs, posts, they may be a little things but they can actually help in such a big way. I just hope the others realize this and start to help minimize the effects of global warming for the next generation to come.

  3. I sort of disagree with this method because it is already being made aware to us constantly through different media (internet, movies, education) Informing other people about global warming is just like telling them what they already know. In my opinion, the simplest way to go about it is through your own actions. By acting in such a way that’s environment-friendly, though the impact would not be of a large scale, people would eventually be influenced through your behavior.

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