P-Noy’s fourth SONA (State Of the Nation Address) lasted for approximately 102 minutes, and he received 88 applauses. Why is this my opening statement? To be honest, I don’t exactly know why, but there is one thing I’m sure about. P-noys SONAs are becoming longer, and probably better.

In his past few SONAs he talked about his plans, he talked about what he envisioned the Philippines to become; he talked about the development of our country, all of these things left a question in my mind, “What is the real state of our nation?”

Yes there were lots of numbers and statistics shown and said in his SONA, but what lies behind those numbers? If you look at the data presented in his speech, you would be amazed by the development of our country; there was a rise in agricultural production, number of classrooms, number of students, number of infrastructures and many more. All of these are important data to know, but it seems that there is something missing in his speech, the state of our nation, the state of our fellow countrymen.

There were some information stating the rise of houses for the poor, those who were devastated by storms, and many more. But are houses and other material things the only need of the people? What we all need is a sense of contentment, and P-Noy probably didn’t see it that way. What his speech lacked was feedback from all the things he did, yes the things he did are pretty impressive, but the question remains, is our nation content of what he has already done and is planning to do?





Mark Buenaventura



2 thoughts on “Contentment

  1. It’s been a recurring pattern in our country that people will always complain about the government. Statistics presented in the SONA aren’t really felt. To most people, especially the uneducated, they’re just numbers. It’s sad to say that most people in our country only look to the government for solutions to their problems. They don’t even have the initiative to act on their own.

  2. I agree, it is time that P-Noy should prove to us that he is in fact doing something through visible changes in the society than just telling the people about the numbers and statistics that do not seem to take place.

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