Next Stop: Purgatory

“I’ve run through the gates of hell.”


Dan Brown’s narration in Inferno describing Manila or Philippines as a whole caught the attention of the media. Various departments of the Philippines took their stand against the image presented by Mr. Brown of Manila. He was asked to apologize so and so.


But with all the things that are happening, that are being discovered, and/or that are not even changing, often times I think all the commotion was unnecessary. Yeah sure it will shoot down the recent effort of the Department of Tourism forwarding “More Fun in the Philippines, but that is the truth. I felt that it was a slap to the government which should also affect all FIlipinos. It was as if we were finally slowly moving up then someone shot us down and we fell head on, face first on the facade. The very facade we tried to build to hide the shanties that cover much of our land, the very faults that we keep air tight inside our closets. We should stop building these facades for they only leave us blind. If we want Manila to be compared to paradise, why not act on the problems that needs to be solved? And why should we always take the short cut when it doesn’t serve us well? Why does the government approve projects that only adds to the problem? Yeah sure they can’t predict the future, but after it has been built why stop there?


Philippines, I will not wait for the day that you shall become paradise. We will work on it now.



Ma. Isabel Jillian B. Eala

2012 – 38459



6 thoughts on “Next Stop: Purgatory

  1. I haven’t read the book yet. So I don’t know the exact words. But I’m not offended because it is a fiction. I think that people are offended because it is somehow true. Although we should not generalize. we should admit the fact that some parts are not that develop and take actions to improve that state of our society. 🙂

  2. I think that sometimes people especially the media focus too much on what other people’s opinions that might cause a bit of a fuss especially if these issues will make people talk about them a lot. Personally I would not be offended because I know that such portrayal was only in a fictional book. Also, we should be more concentrated on how we could develop our country and solve the problems that it is currently facing like pollution and human trafficking as mentioned in the book. I think that his perceptions about Manila was not persuaded by the slogan “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” because like many of us, he saw the things that aren’t attributable to the Paradise we ought the Philippines to be.

  3. I think the government is doing all its best to cover up the reality that is happening in our country. Building these facades is just a way to make the people believe that our country is indeed progressing. They usually build walls and embellish them with designs and slogans (e.g. Linisin Ikarangal ang Maynila) to cover the eyesore that lies beyond the walls. The money that were used to build those walls could have been spent on other more important projects such as alleviating the lives of the people that reside beyond those walls.

  4. I don’t really know the book, so I can’t comment on that much, but for the rest, it is so very well said. There’s no point in covering the truth. The commotion they caused was unnecessary. This is the truth. It may hurt our country’s tourism but tourists have to be aware of this, the danger of actually going here since we’re still a 3rd world country. Unless we want another one of these happening:

    Which hopefully does not happen again.

  5. If the Philippines was described to the likes of hell, then maybe in some aspects it’s true. Yes, the government is trying their best to achieve development, but they haven’t reached the optimum point. I agree that until the Philippines has room for improvements, the government should accept criticisms and should build up from there. Asking for an apology won’t do any good. The government still has a lot to do to prove everyone that the nation is really improving and will achieve paradise.

  6. I guess it’s us Filipinos who are generally sensitive. It is ironic though since we have this tendency to react violently whenever someone criticizes us yet everyday we would usually poke fun at degrade our fellow countrymen.

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