The Past and the Present


To be honest, I was expecting a ‘normal’ fieldtrip. It is where you go to a ‘foreign’ land where it takes hours to travel and many other locations before we get there. So when we arrived at the venue I thought that “this is not a fieldtrip, I pass here every day on my way to UP.” Then I realized that I don’t even know that it was named Bantayog ng mga Bayani and shame on me I don’t know what Bantayog really means up to that day.

But like any other fieldtrips at the end of the day we learned something new and something worth sharing to others. In my case, I’ve realized how lucky we are to enjoy the freedom we didn’t even fight for. We should be thankful for those who sacrificed their lives and fought for our nation’s freedom. We should not take things for granted. I’m not saying that we should also die but as students and as citizens we should do our responsibilities and duties to our country and to our society. In our little ways we could help to develop our society and not be a burden to our country.


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6 thoughts on “The Past and the Present

  1. I pass by the Bantayog too every morning, and like you, I never really noticed or thought about it’s importance so I was shocked that something I passed by everyday and barely notice is a place that means so much to what and who we are today. I think this field trip made me realize things we take for granted sometimes mean so much and we will never really know how important they are unless we take the time to actually appreciate them.

  2. I was also surprised when we got to the venue – not that I pass by it every morning, but because it was very near UP and sadly, it was the first time I’ve heard about that place. I agree on how lucky we are to enjoy the freedom we didn’t even fight for. We were under colonization of the Spaniards, Japanese and Americans yet we didn’t really contribute to any.

  3. I agree. We should not put the efforts of our heroes to waste. As citizens of this country, we all have to do our part. All of us should contribute for our country’s betterment.

  4. I agree. That’s why our fieldtrip was really memorable to me since it just took us more or less 3 hours or so unlike the other (often lengthy ) ones, was the closest fieldtrip destination I went to, and one where we really learn about our past and our country. Seeing how the country’s people really united and fought for their motherland when the it’s needed made my love for the Philippines even stronger.

  5. I also pass by the Bantayog on my way to UP, and I, sadly, also have no idea about the place or how significant it is to our hisotyr. On a more positive note, at least now, I have learned more about the Bantayog, and it gave me a valuable lesson on how I should be more contributing to the society and to the country.

  6. What captured my attention was the process of selection for one’s name to be put into the wall of heroes and martyrs: one must get himself nominated, let others submit paperwork proving his sacrifices, among other things. It points out a fact; that one must perform an act to be recognized by others to be deemed as a hero.

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