Truly ironic…

Some sources define gender equality as a state in which women and men enjoy the same status and conditions and have equal opportunity for realizing their potential to contribute to the political, economic, social and cultural development of their countries.

The way I see it, it basically means… “Be fair to everyone.” It is a very noble concept. I believe that gender equality plays an important role in creating a better society… Everyone is simply to be treated equally… It’s a very simple and reasonable “concept” but it seems that people are having some difficulty with it.

There are people who fail to treat people of different genders as equals. The concept of glass ceiling and other forms of sexist stereotyping and discrimination and violence are not new to us. As mentioned in class, even some of the laws are discriminatory in nature. They even tend to favor the men over the women as pointed out in our gender sensitivity module; but why is this the case? I think that it cannot be solely attributed to men and our “male-dominated” society… I think that perhaps it’s because there are also instances in which some women use some forms of “inequality” if it’s for the sake of their own convenience…

Have you ever experienced being unable to go to the comfort room because the women also started to occupy the males’ comfort room as well? Have you ever experienced being asked to stand idle in a queue in an attempt to prioritize the females first?

To be honest, I have never been a fan of the concept of “being a gentleman”… Why? It’s because I believe that it’s just a concept that some women use whenever convenient to them… I have experienced being asked by a bus operator to stand in a three-hour bus ride simply because a woman, who seems to be physically fit or healthy by the way, is ranting about how the male passengers are not giving up their seats for her like how a “gentleman” should. Even worse, if you try to resist or argue, you’ll be perceived as “unreasonable” by other people.

For something that causes you convenience to be a reason for your “dis-empowerment”… It’s kind of ironic, right? Yes… Ironic, but not impossible! With the concept of “being a gentleman”, the idea that the women are the weaker sex that still has to be protected by the men is being reinforced… In other words… I believe that the concept of “being a gentleman” gives women convenience… not power…

Truly ironic…



2 thoughts on “Truly ironic…

  1. I wrote a blog similar to this just a while ago, and I browsed down and came upon this. It’s cool that we shared largely similar thoughts. I think the underlying idea is in the end, man or woman, we’re all human subject to abuse, inequality etc. Therefore the noble idea of feminism, if driven too much, may be against gender equality.

  2. Though I agree that feminism can be taken too far to the extent of inequality, we must also keep in mind that feminism was born through historical deprivation of women’s rights. History has always been decidedly patriarchal which feminism aims to correct. Good points though on men being expected to be gentlemen only when convenient to the lady.

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