EDSA People Power: Uniting Filipinos

Upon watching the short film played during our tour at Bantayog ng mga Bayani, I suddenly have goosebumps. The short film was about the things that happened during the Marcus’ regime, the implementation of Martial Law and how the people reacted and lived with it. I’m not much of a political person so I don’t put much attention to the political side of the film, but what fascinated me most was the people during the EDSA People Power.

All of the Filipinos from different sector such as Church, Business, Labor Union, Military, etc. were there. They all worked hand in hand and shared the same goal, Freedom. I was touched on how they shared food and drinks with one another in the midst of the revolution, during that time all of them were equal, no one was better than any one. Truly, the nonviolent revolution they made not only put Marcus off the power, but also more importantly, united all of the Filipinos. And that’s what we’re well known of to the whole world.

I hope that the times where we Filipinos were united would still be evident in today’s time. I hope that every Filipino will not think of greed but rather the benefit of all of us. And lastly, let us bring back the UNITED FILIPINOS, and not wait for another dilemma for us to be united again.


2 thoughts on “EDSA People Power: Uniting Filipinos

  1. The Martial Law era would probably one of the hardest years in Philippine history, but it paved the way for the People Power Revolution. It paved the way for unity. It takes a great deal of effort (or exhaustion due to hardships in this case) to make people move and have them stand up for something. But I agree, we can’t just wait for something as hard as Ninoy’s death before we can actually start to unite.

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