By Faith and Fate

             Recently, by some miracle, I got elected as the Chairperson for the Community Development Committee of the organization I belong to: The UP Economics Society. Perhaps I have broken the record of the most number of abstains – probably because of I didn’t campaign too much (as in I campaigned to a really small number of people) or because people just didn’t believe I could lead or maybe even because on the surface, I may appear indifferent towards the community; yet here I am, the next chairperson for the said committee. At first, of course, the whooping number of abstained voters had a negative effect on my self-esteem, confidence and even the want to actually pursue the position I got elected for. Voices in my head told me I’m not good enough, or my orgmates didn’t want me, among other things. I was also shy to tell my sister and her boyfriend (lol) – who were both past CDC Chairpersons, and my friend who’s a former president of the same org, about the results.

            However, I told myself that the number of people who voted for me was still larger than those who abstained. Consequently, there were actually more people who believed in me, and I didn’t want to let them down. In my heart, I knew I should deliver. Furthermore, I told myself beforehand that I was running for the position of Community Development Committee chairperson mainly to serve the org and even more, the community. Having said that, I knew I had to stay strong to and let go of the hurt pride, etc.

           I know that the road will be rough, and I know I have to prove myself to many people.The position I enlisted myself into also entails a lot of perseverance and sacrifice. I know this job will be physically, mentally and emotionally testing. However, I also know I really have the heart for this. In the end, I know I can and should believe in my self. Lastly,  deep in my heart, I really want to try to make a difference in the community.

“Everybody can be great…because anybody can serve. You don’t have to have a college degree to serve. You don’t have to make your subject and verb agree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.”  – Martin Luther King Jr.

Jose Carlo S. Fernandez



8 thoughts on “By Faith and Fate

  1. First of all congrats!! Don’t let down those people who voted and believed in you. And for those who didn’t prove them wrong. Show them that you’ve got something and that you’re worthy for that position. Good luck in your future endeavors (and I’m looking forward to being your member :)) )

  2. Even with doubts about leading such a great committee, it’s comforting to see how you still decided to push through with your candidacy. It takes a great deal of courage and determination to do that, which just goes to show how much you are willing to give for CDC. At the end of the day, you still won and that’s all that matters. There’s really isn’t any room for regrets, just make the people who voted for you feel they made the right choice and make those who abstained be amazed at your capabilities. Congrats again!!!

  3. As I’ve always and consistently told you, what matters is the people who voted for you – the people who believed in your capability as a leader and as a person with the heart to serve the org and the community. Stop having doubts with yourself because it just proves the doubts the people who abstained from voting for you true. They probably don’t know you as much as I do because through the 4 years we’ve been friends, I’ve seen you put your heart in everything that you do and you commit yourself to. You have so much to offer to the org, to the community and our beneficiaries, and we already saw that ever since your first sem as Vice Chair of CDC. There’s nothing left really for you to prove. Just keep what you’re doing and never forget why God put you up there. Go Carls!!! 🙂 we will always support you. The heart of Ecosoc is now in your hands 🙂

  4. I know this comment is late. 😀 Knowing you, and listening to your rants everytime, and how you make resolutions (a few you try to keep but you can’t hehe), I think that you’ll always have the spirit and the will to make it through the pressures and requirements of being a part of the execom and of being the CDC chair. You’ve always told me how much you wanted to serve the community and I saw your sincerity when you said this. You got out of your comfort zone and even faced your “fear” of public speaking and now you are the CDC chair. Whenever you feel like giving up, just know that there are people who believe in you and who’ll be here to help you. Being a chairperson doesn’t mean that you’ll have to do things alone. You just have to be the leader. This task may not be easy but remember that not everyone is given the chance to lead great organizations. You are one of the few chosen. It doesn’t matter that there are people who doubt you because there always will be. You’ve got a lot to offer for Ecosoc and for the community. But above all, you’ve got the heart to serve and that’s all you need because CDC = heart of Ecosoc. 🙂 good luck and we’ll always be here to support you! 🙂

  5. “Why you so awesome bro?!?!?” This would be my comment if I knew you won and I wasn’t there the whole time the votes were being counted. But I was there and for every abstain vote against you I felt a little hurt, maybe it’s because I believe in you and those people who voted abstain didn’t, maybe I was hurt because these people didn’t realize how good you are, they didn’t see the greatness behind a silent guy like you. Congrats!! Co-VC now my commhead! Hahahaha VC mo ko next sem please!

  6. Congratulations! You worked hard to get that position, so you should be proud. Don’t worry about the number of abstains that you got, because in life there will always be people who will dislike you. As I always say, you can’t make everybody happy, so the best you can do is make yourself happy. So be happy about your victory, and just show those naysayers that you are a worthy leader capable of serving our community and our org. And don’t worry, because there will always be people supporting you and making sure that you will never have to be alone. Keep up the good work!

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