Defeating The Purpose

Many believe and fight for feminism as an instrument for gender equality. Partially, I agree with this.  I know that in other countries, like Ethiopia, Japan and many others, women are targeted for physical, verbal and sexual abuse by men. Objectively, men are really stronger than women, which make them sometimes helpless when abused. With respect to this, I am one with the fight for female rights.

On the other hand, I think that feminism may also tend to defeat its purpose of gender equality.

For one, I don’t understand why some feminists insist on women taking the normal roles of men in society. For example, feminists may insist that being a carpenter is not limited to males. While it is technically not limited to males, it is just more efficient if males were carpenters, because of the objectively stated advantage in strength.

Second, I don’t see how having a separate train in the MRT, dedicated to women only, reinforces gender equality. I had an experience once, when I rode the MRT, wherein I mistakenly tried to enter the said train. The female guard made me feel embarrassed as she scolded me a bit too much for my mistake. The same thing goes for the need to stand up and give your seat for a physically fit woman. Say there is a situation wherein a very tired man is seated in a bus or train, and a lady enters. The man would be frowned upon by those who can witness the situation, if he didn’t give the seat to the lady.

I am not against being a gentleman and of course I am not against respecting women. I just think that too much feminism may be actually have adverse effects towards gender equality. I believe we’re all prone to abuses, and everyone should just be treated equally.

C’mon ! – Women get to wear pants and shorts and it’s funny if men wore skirts?? Lol just kidding!

 – Carlo Fernandez



2 thoughts on “Defeating The Purpose

  1. I think the problem lies in our culture. In other countries they do not have these types of seperations(MRT case). Our culture is in fact horrible. Ever rode an MRT during rush hour? You’ll see tens of people trying to get in when in fact there are those who try to get out but can’t due to the people being so desperate to get in. I feel really bad for them. Well back to topic I agree that too much feminism can be a bad thing. Its actually the same with the people promoting for gay rights. As the saying goes “Too much of anything can be a bad thing.”

  2. I think that the images of women carpenters, taxi/ jeepney drivers, etc. are “isolated” cases. Maybe these are just aired or shown on tv as something to empower women, for us not to look down too much on ourselves and to take pride in our womanhood. I don’t think that the purpose of showing these on tv is to encourage us women to enter the fields of being carpenters or water delivery people and those that really involve physical strength because even if we want to, it just can’t be. I think that the equality between men and women are not that much of an issue as it was before. There are just people who try to sensationalize this topic.

    I am not aware of the train designated only for women because I’m not familiar with the MRT and LRT since I’m not from here. But I think, projects that should be worked on are those that really target the more relevant issues concerning women and their rights, like what the UN and other organizations do regarding female genital mutilation in Africa.

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