Survival of the Fittest

Evolution… It is the slow and gradual change in the characteristics of an organism that is inherited by the succeeding generations. Adaptation is the process in which an organism gains the ability to be able to live in its environment in a better way. Through out the ages, mankind has adopted in order to cope up with the threats that could have led to our extinction…

However,  mankind wasn’t able to deal with all… There is one that mankind is yet to be able to deal with… Their own tendencies to destroy themselves; and what’s a better way to destroy ourselves than destroying our planet itself?

Climate change is defined as significant and lasting changes in our weather patterns. While it is true that climate change cannot be attributed to mankind alone, it is definitely not an excuse to speed things up.  Since the 19th century, there has been an increase in the average temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere and oceans which we refer to as Global warming.  Sea levels are rising as the Arctic sea ice start to melt. Plants and animals take a LOT of years to evolve to a new atmosphere. This means that it is very likely that the larger, faster, and more extreme changes in the environment that we see today may outrun the evolutionary processes that these organisms are undergoing in order to survive. This may cause drastic decline in vegetation and such a decline will certainly affect the whole ecosystem; And I don’t think that this is good news for mankind… To make things even worse, those were just the long term and “not-so-instantaneous”  problems… Yes… Such changes also introduce short term and instantaneous problems as well… “Extreme weather” might be a good term for it. This includes all those catastrophic events that happened in the past few years! More frequent and stronger typhoons and earthquakes, land slides that are of monstrous proportions, tidal waves that have claimed cities, etc.!!!

We are aware of these things… While it is true that we have come up with instruments to detect these catastrophes and minimize damages from them, I’m wondering if that is really good enough… Is there really no need to take a more “assertive” approach in this matter? Is there no need for any social engineering of some sort? I wonder…

How many more threats can mankind survive? How long will mankind be able to play in this game… The game of survival and extinction… The game called “Survival of the Fittest”…



2 thoughts on “Survival of the Fittest

  1. Hmm… There is a need especially now. I mean, adapting will not really solve the problem; it will only make us endure the conditions with these problems in them. But I think the solution lies in small scales, like within individuals, households, and then to communities until it’s nationwide. That way it will be more encompassing and effective. 😉

  2. It’s a quotation often trotted out that the earth is enough for man’s need, but not enough for man’s greed (Mahatma Gandhi). And if there’s something that we’ve learned in Economics, it’s man’s insatiable need for more. We’re always obsessed with maximizing our profits, maximizing our utility, trying to squeeze as much producer/consumer surplus that we can out of our activities, and if allowed to run unchecked, I agree that our thirst for development could be the very thing that leads to our downfall. Therefore, change must first start with ourselves and with our mindsets. I believe that an increased focus on sustainability versus profitability would greatly help safeguard our world for future generations.

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