DEFY -Direction, Discipline, Explore, Efficiency, Filter, Fun, Your work ethic, Your Education”- Ms. Alex Castro during UP OBEM’s UNO

Every one of us is a leader in our own different ways. I consider myself as a leader because I lead. I lead in my student organization and even in a simple small group whenever we have group presentation in a subject.

In my stay here in UP for a couple of years, I look up to one student leader. She is Alex Castro, the current University Student Council Chairperson. I am amazed with her strong character and vibrant enthusiasm. Last academic year, she was the Vice Chairperson of USC and she already accomplished many projects in and out of the university. She is a great time manager because she work on 20 organizations including USC yet she has time for her sport, power lifting, and managed to graduate Cum Laude last year with a degree in Psychology. Now, she is studying Law here at UP College of Law and still has time to lead, to serve, and to show what “Tatak UP” is.  In spite of black propaganda she faced last USC elections; she remained firmed with what she believes and answered the allegations of the other people who wanted to stop her in USC. Determination is a key in making things possible. In addition to that, she also has the charisma an effective leader must have. She gained supporters who believe on what their party is fighting for. She is a real deal.—great tactician, strategist and a conqueror of the mass. She is a leader. She is Alex Castro.





3 thoughts on “LEAD-er

  1. I attended the UP OBEM’s UNO and I have learned a lot from our USC Chairperson, Alex Castro, during her talk. I admire her too because of the dedication and passion she has for serving UP student body and how she can manage her time well.

  2. I was amazed of Alex Castro eversince our Freshmen Orientation Program last year. Her leadership skills come out so naturally and so strong that you feel it. And with that, I knew that she’d be the next USC chair. Even with so much on her plate (USC, 20+ orgs, etc.), she still managed to graduate with Latin honors and get into law school. She absolutely serves an inspiration to undergraduates like me who wishes to be not only stellar in academics but with co and extra curricular activities as well.

  3. I really admire Alex Castro. Even though she got acads & USC responsibilities (and her 20+ orgs!), she still manages to have a smile for everyone. I am currently following her on Twitter, and by that I can see how she always strives to balance her time in everything she does. She really is a person that everyone must look up to.

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