Education and Politics

            Why is it that whenever we hear the word ‘government’, there is bound to be a remark or an afterthought involving corruption shortly thereafter? It’s because we are putting all the wrong people into positions of power. It is almost inevitable that the masses’ choice would outweigh the educated people’s choice. Sometimes both choices do not coincide and it is because the masses tend to vote for, not necessarily the wrong candidates, but they do not vote for the people who could do better things for our country. It all goes back to the problem of education. Had these people gone to school they would better understand what these politicians are talking about, they would be able to weigh out each one’s promises and plans of action and make better decisions. So we cannot blame those in position for being corrupt, we are to be blamed because ‘we put them there’. It is our collective votes that put them in position, really. So yes, I think they are directly related, education and the political state of our country.

            It all really starts with education, a better one at that. Basically, a better education system would mean a lot of things for the Philippines. It would mean more human capital, more people employed in the formal sector rather than in the informal one which would do much better for our national income. It would also mean a greater number of educated people in the country, which leads to better decisions when it comes to electing leaders for our country. Better leaders implies more progress for the country and so on, I could go on and on about this, really. I just hope in the coming years the administration would prioritize education even more because it really is where we should start if we want greater progress for our country.


Ma. Bianca Ysabelle C. Kit


7 thoughts on “Education and Politics

  1. I truly believe that education is one of the most important investments that a country can make towards its development. However, it is often to a politician’s advantage to keep the public uninformed so as to gain a monopoly of their votes. Wiser voters mean less votes for certain politicians and so they focus on short-term projects like covered-courts and fiestas. Enough to keep the masses entertained but uneducated. And this is the type of campaign mindset that should be stopped.

  2. Ah! I agree with you that the role of education is crucial. Indeed, there are politicians who have a “talent” in choosing the right words in their speeches to “manipulate” how people would view their plans of action. Some tend to use words that create overstated and/or “half-true” images of their plans in the minds of our countrymen…

    I just hope that by “education”, you mean real education which not only teaches us excellence but also honor. Yeah… Pretty much like “UP-class” of education… I think that while excellence is crucial, it is not enough… I believe that honor is an essential factor too. I believe that in most cases, corruption is already present even before we place these “corrupt officials” in their positions… I mean, vote buying schemes and cases of political violence are not new to us, right?
    I think that if education focuses only on excellence, then there wouldn’t be much of a difference… Education gives us knowledge… Knowledge gives us power… Power without direction is worthless… Power in the wrong direction is corruption… Power in the right direction is growth… Well… Let’s just say that I believe that this “right direction” is the one where honorable paths lead to…

  3. Education is definitely needed in order for a person to cast an informed when election time comes. It is just unfortunate that the vote of the uninformed always outweighs the vote of the informed. As a result, the wrong people keep on being elected. However, the masses should not be completely blamed for this. We should take into consideration that these traditional politicians continuously exploit the masses to get their votes! That is why I believe that it is the duty of the informed people, us, to provide information to the masses. If we truly want change, we should act now. Huwag na natin i-asa sa gobyerno.
    Thanks for this great post Bianca! 🙂

  4. I agree that with proper education people will be more aware of the gravity of their vote. But most of the voters are average earners or below average. Because most people think that they would not be affected in the long run, they agree to sell their vote. It would work if the 2 parties act right, politicians stop vote buying and for the voters to think twice before letting go of that freedom to vote.

  5. Education truly plays a big role in societal advancement. Though it is given that majority of the votes come from the masses and how their votes don’t necessarily coincide those with the “informed” voters, it is also the elected official’s initiative to actually put our votes to good use. I think I’d rather vote for someone who’d get the masses’ votes but actually does something, rather than going for someone who has the intellect and skill but just puts the money in their pockets. If they only had the heart to really give back to society, our country would be a much much better place to live in.

  6. The people’s education is really a deciding factor in our country’s betterment. If people continue to vote for corrupt politicians, our country will continue to perish. I notice that many Filipinos value personality(rich and famous) more than intellect,ability, track records, and platforms. There are newer and better candidates who possess good leadership skills but are being outweighed by the traditional ones because they are not individually prominent.The sad thing in our country is that, despite all the known corrupt acts that traditional politicians have done during their terms, people still vote for them simply because they are the only ones they know and they are rich enough to give out money to them. Many of our “kababayans”, especially those who belong to the lower class, are easily blinded by the money that these opportunists give to them. But then again, this can be rooted from the people’s lack of education. I’m not saying that all of us are ignorant. It’s just that many Filipinos are still blind to the fact that the Philippines suffers because of the corrupt politicians that they elected. I believe that educating them will make them keen enough to see beyond what is apparent to them. Before they cast their votes, they’ll be able to consider the long term benefits and not the ephemeral ones.

  7. I also agree that the lack of education is a primary cause for the election of corrupt officials in the government. I would sometimes think that during campaign period candidates would tell everything that people would want to hear in order to sway them for their election agenda. I believe that the masses can’t be blamed because they only act according to what they think would make our country better off. I also believe that the responsibility of making educating the uninformed doesn’t only lie with the government but to all educated people in society. As educated people, we should be acting according to the best interests of all people and I think this should be the mindset of our political leaders. Also, if these political leaders want to stay in power it should be for the right purpose which is to serve the people.

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