Zamboanga War: A Diversionary Tactic

Recently, our country has been plagued by various issues which are really hard to overlook because of the negative impacts that they have brought about. Right now, the primary issue in our country is the issue about the Pork Barrel scam involving Napoles, Enrile, Estrada, Revilla, and many other senators and congressmen. However, that is not the only concern that our country is currently facing. Amidst this controversy, there popped a group of people seeking for public attention. They did it right this time. Zamboanga became a war zone, a place where everything else is in a total state of chaos. The group of people that I am pertaining to is the Muslim faction known as the MNLF. It is currently being headed by Nur Misuari. But, I’m not here to discuss about the MNLF and their leader Nur. Likewise, I won’t be discussing other trivial facts such as: Who ignited the first gunfire? What I’m going to talk about is: Who was really the man behind the war in Zamboanga? We all know that the pork barrel controversy is still a hot topic; the media and the people became too focused and too riveted on this issue.  Now, that’s where the culprit came in. I hate jumping to conclusions but these thoughts were always running in my head: Is this Zamboanga war a mere diversionary tactic? Does one of the scumbag senators (Enrile, Estrada, Revilla) have an involvement in this war? Are those senators playing games on the people?

Then, my instincts were some somehow confirmed. Last September 26, 2013, Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago said that Senate Minority Leader Juan Ponce-Enrile financed the war in Zamboanga. He spent P40 million to finance the rebellion by the Moro National Liberation Front. Also, according to her, Enrile could easily spend P40 million since he reportedly gave P400 million of his PDAF to Napoles’ NGOs. This made me realize how cruel Manong Johnny is. Pursuing your selfish and devilish interests at the expense of the lives of the people of Zamboanga is not morally acceptable. Obliterating the lives of those people for the plain reason of diverting the people’s attention is indeed barbaric. Actually, it will just make him (and his cahoots) look desperate. He has just proved how corrupted his mind and soul are. He will be always willing to sacrifice other people just to protect his interest on the PDAF. Despite all the demonstrations and rallies, he still opted to cling to that small tinge of “hope” that the Filipino people will divert their focus to the Zamboanga war. I know that the people’s forgetfulness is his only “friend” right now. Maybe, he is always hoping that the time will come when the Filipinos have already forgotten what he and his cahoots did to their pork barrel. But this time, what he did just aggravated the whole issue. The people became more vigilant to the fact that Enrile and the others will do everything just to change the whole picture. I hope that we will be always watchful of the other dirty and diversionary tactics that our nemeses are going to devise. 


4 thoughts on “Zamboanga War: A Diversionary Tactic

  1. Good note! 😉 I guess this is what “every generation will ask its own question” means. Now that events are beginning to unfold: conflict, accusations, corruption, political dramas our generation should start asking questions, and never forget to keep a watchful eye on those who might try to divert the issue or prevent us from getting to the truth.

  2. As much as it pains me to admit, as a nation, we have quite short attention spans. And I believe it’s something that both the politicians and the media use to their advantage. We tend to forget about one issue, as soon as another more entertaining, more scandalous one comes out. The RH bill issue was overshadowed when Sotto’s babblings about plagiarism emerged. Likewise, the issue on the Philippines’ claim to Sabah was eclipsed, first by the Napoles pork barrel scandal, and then by this war in Zamboanga. And until now, the RH bill is STILL being reviewed. Our interest and our attention skips from issue to issue and in the end, nothing has been resolved.

  3. This is so true! Just before the Napoles Scam came out in public, I’ve read this article that noted there would be a rampant bomb threats/violence once it comes out. And it did. A divertionary tactic indeed.

  4. Tactical. It is possible after all, given our short attention spans and memories. I wonder if these signals a bigger problem: that there is something wrong with the government’s approach regarding the peace process in Mindanao.

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