Value of Education

The last two weeks of the semester are upon us and everyone seems excited to just get them over with. Sembreak is fast approaching and we’ve all got plans already, but a big hurdle that we have to overcome first would be final exams. No one really enjoys final exams, and why would we? This time of the sem everyone’s already burned out, and this brings about some very strong reactions from people. These days there are always people saying how much they hate school and that they just want to drop everything, more so than usual. Of course they probably don’t mean everything literally, but they do feel sick of school. And with the sem we’ve all had, that is understandably so.

It’s easy for us to say that we don’t want to study anymore and that we’re fed up, especially during days like these when the work doesn’t seem to end. Unfortunately, when all we have time for is the mountain of stuff due the next day, we tend to overlook the bigger picture. Why do we do all this in the first place?

People hate homework, and exams, and projects. In the University of the Philippines, this may not be as evident because of our culture of academic excellence, but in general, school isn’t exactly a normal person’s favorite thing. It’s a shame, really, because I believe education is still fundamentally one of the things that has a biggest impact on a person’s quality of life.

This all first came to mind when I took out my lola to dinner last Saturday. She was talking about, the Filipino-African American member of the Black Eyed Peas. She had recently watched an interview with him where he was talking about his childhood in the Philippines, and how he was too poor to go to school. Eventually, he was able to get an education with the aid of a foreigner, and he finished school, went on to become famous, and the rest is history. To this day, he considers his education the biggest reason for why he was able to reach where he is in life. He doesn’t attribute his success to his talent, his band, but mainly to his education. My lola then turned to my 10-year-old cousin and told him how important it is to finish school. It’s a shame because while I knew she was right, I was just as sure that there was no way he could fully appreciate what she was saying. I remember what it was like to be 10, I just wanted to be done with my homework and get on to watching TV to talking to my friends. And sometimes, in college, it’s still the same.

But again, that’s because I forget the bigger picture. We really do need to put a bigger importance on education, because it makes all the difference. From the very start of my stay in UPSE, in my Econ 11 class, I remember it being drilled into my head just how important it is to invest in human capital, in other words, to give value to education. We talk a lot about being active and doing work in many other ways, but education can help our lives in a very unique way. And this extends on to our country. Nations are built by their education citizens. Proper education equips us in a way that almost nothing else can match.

I just hope as finals come, I can remember that I’m not just trying to get on with it, but I’m trying to do my best and really make the most of my learning. After all, being a student of UPSE, I’m in the best place to do exactly that.

– Cara Gabrielle Latinazo


3 thoughts on “Value of Education

  1. Education is definitely a burden but is and will always be a blessing.

    As we grow older, we grow wiser and have enough patience to understand everything more thoroughly. I used to argue with my parents why they send me to school, or why they always get mad at me for doing somethings that arent necessarily wrong, but arent right as well. I grew more into perspective and realized everything in growing up, that we dont see so much things at such a young age, but truly realize it’s benefits growing older, as we get into our futures. Maybe only then we’d realize the value of what we did before, and really do what we can to make the most of it. In realizing this, we just really need to push and make the most out of each and everyday, cause we would never know when we’ll get out of this world. In the long run, everyone dies. so CARPE DIEM all day everyday. Sayang naman buhay natin, everyday is a blessing. Education is part of it, so just fight fight fight.

  2. School has to be the most draining thing in the world, but the amazing things about it is that it drains not only our brain cells but our feelings as well and as horrible as that sounds it proves one thing: school develops us holistically. I think one of the best things about studying in the University of the Philippines is that we’re exposed to different kinds of people, and different types of situation. Aside from our academic education, UP provides us with opportunities to grow not only as an intellectual being but as an emotional one as well. It’s one thing to graduate with a degree and with one honors, but it’s another to to graduate with actual knowledge about the world and about people.

  3. Education really is important. Without implementing it right and without sustaining or improving it, I don’t think any country has the chance to survive. It’s also essential to each individual and that’s why we have a right to it.

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