“Well, women are used to worrying over trifles.” – Mr. Hale in Trifles by Susan Glaspell

New infrastructures and road repairs are being made along the Commonwealth Avenue almost every day these past few months. Some of the notable changes they had accomplished are the new overpasses near UP gym and along Philcoa. What I noticed that these two bridges have in common are the steps that are not very women friendly. The steps are a bit high and have big gaps in between and these gaps will give a good view of what is inside a woman’s skirt to anyone standing below the stairs. What is more ironic is that there is a sari-sari store and a police post underneath the stairs of the bridge in Philcoa and there is a carinderia near the stairs of the overpass in UP gym. Wow.

A bit petty you might think; something that is not relevant to today’s more important issues but something as simple as this may reflect how our society takes care of our women. It still shows that sometimes we forget to consider both sexes in building a public commodity just like an overpass.



8 thoughts on “Trifles

  1. Good point, petty but still something to reflect on. I agree. I also think women should be cautious though if they know they would be passing through these areas. It’s just a matter of which side would exert effort towards change, but it would be much better if both women and society as a whole worked to resolve this.

  2. This is a very timely topic. I remember my friends talking about this earlier and one of them also remarked on how narrow the staircase is. According to her, the excuse given was to prevent the street vendors from staying along its sides. But apparently, that plan is also useless seeing as how they still stay there anyway. But yes, I agree that this needs to be addressed ASAP.

  3. Ah I always appreciate a topic on feminism. These kinds of things really are frustrating, because just like you said they are so simple and so easily overlooked. We really need a change in our society to stop things like these.

  4. Good points! I believe that we need to raise gender empowerment on every aspect of this society. From these projects, we can see the flaws of program implementation and evaluation on this matter

  5. Exactly! Basically, it’s not just an issue of poor designing but also of a lack in gender sensitivity. We’re already in the 21st century I hope this kind of attitude changes… SOON.

  6. I think paying attention to “petty” issues such as these is actually healthy; especially since we often neglect the minor details that make up the bigger picture. Good observation.

  7. I appreciate how we can see in these minute, day-to-day details, the inner workings of our society,, that at the core still seems to be quite patriarchal. By asking for a change in infrastructure, we aren’t asking for special treatment, we’re simply asking for respect. And I do hope it’s something that they address.

  8. My dormmates and I used to passed by the overpass along Philcoa too. By the looks of it they created the new overpass to prevent street vendors at the sides in which I know would be hard. They indeed did not put into consideration (or forgot) the welfare of women to these kinds of projects. And as the bridge was already there, and nothing can be made then, women should be extra careful especially when they are wearing skirts.

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