To Give and Not To Count the Cost


Service. What does it truly mean to be of service? Do we do it out of the innate desire to help out in times of adversity or because at the end of it all, recognition awaits? 

This school year was truly an eye opener as I was able to recognize that service need not come from those with positions, those in higher authority. Anyone can be of service. My organization has given me, among others, the opportunity to be able to reach out and do something for someone other than yourself.

Sure it wasn’t easy. Imagine waking up to a Saturday dedicated to pampering yourself, excessively sleeping on the living room couch, and streaming your favorite TV shows. Those are all simple joys that can easily be done. But choosing to get up from bed at 6:30 am on a Saturday, is already service. Choosing to spend your free time, making less fortunate kids smile and helping a province build their first eco-library, when you could be doing things for yourself, is already service. And honestly, the world doesn’t owe you the recognition for you to do all this. When the desire to help out naturally springs from you, you’re actually not doing it for the betterment of yourself. You’re simply helping the world and making it a better place by being of service.

So choose to serve others- not for yourself but for the world. A little act of kindness can always go a long way. Hold on to that. 


7 thoughts on “To Give and Not To Count the Cost

  1. I completely agree, especially with “the world doesn’t owe you the recognition for you to do all this”. Nowadays, people serve solely for the purpose of recognition. We should do things because we truly want to make a difference and help out in our own little way. 🙂

  2. I just hope that on idle Saturdays that thought would come across people’s minds. There are a lot of people who prefer to stay-in on mornings – me included – and trust me, when you’re getting the hang of that relaxation, you never think of selflessness. I just hope we all could become better. 🙂

  3. It’s so true that anyone can be of service. It doesn’t need to be your specific job or assignment, if you simply want to help then you’ll be able to. And at the same time, it’s great to remember that having a position is never for your own recognition, but to be there for those you serve and those that are counting on you. Great post. 🙂

  4. Very inspiring! 😉 This is the philosophy that more of us should live by. One can truly live and feel alive if he started thinking about others and dedicating a bit of his/her time for them without asking for anything in return. On the contrary, without service, it feels like as if one merely exists.

  5. I think that even better than recognition is the feeling of self-fulfillment – doing something completely willingly and knowing that it helps others. 🙂

  6. Service is also self-sacrificing. It may seem little but in a way we know that we are doing things for others and the joy that it would bring to others is really self-fulfilling. 🙂

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