The Truth Is

I am recently recovering from a severe case of fandom. This springs from the recently concluded, first ever season of The Voice Philippines. My bet since Day One actually won and is the first Voice of the Philippines! His name is Mitoy and was in Team Lea (Salonga). I loved him not only because of his vocal prowess and how effortlessly he tackles every jukebox hit he performs, but also because I have been a fan of Lea Salonga ever since I learned how to hit a note. I believe that she truly was the best, most experienced, vocal coach in that singing competition. 

However, as most of us know, if you’re in the Philippines, singing competitions are not just singing competitions. Years of colonization, and other external influences would tell us the cold hard truth: Filipinos are shallow. Yes we can recognize an ultimate performer, but in our society, beauty and appeal to the mass are still the bigger factors. 

Upon the announcement, most people in social networking sites commented that the runner-up, Klarisse (from Team Sarah) would still end up with a more stellar career because of the face value. Also, Sarah Geronimo represents the Pinoy pop culture, and Lea Salonga, is already at her prime, and well… isn’t very pop to be honest. 

In this day and age, amidst all actions that are being done in hopes of alleviating the concept of beauty as the basis for everything, one can only hope for all the best for Mitoy. Because vocally, he really represents what a winner should be. 


11 thoughts on “The Truth Is

  1. I also like Mitoy and I really believed that he will win the contest! You’re right, some people think that he doesn’t deserve to win simply because of his looks. Some said that he doesn’t have a star factor so he shouldn’t win the contest. It’s just sad how some people judge a person by his face value. Also for me, he is the real winner. A real champion.

  2. I love Mitoy too! I was rooting for him since the beginning of the competition! I hope that his victory would make other people realize that in a singing competition, physical appearance should not be the basis of who should win or who should not.

  3. I am not an avid fan of The Voice but I heard Mitoy and he has talent, indeed! He truly deserves to win! I hope this is a step for us, Filipinos, should start appreciating real talent regardless of the package that carries it! 🙂 like what you said, it sometimes saddens me how genuine talent and hardwork takes a backseat to looks and appearance.

  4. I agree with you that face value still outweighs talent in competitions as such, and it’s disappointing to see so much talent that didn’t get even the slightest recognition just because they don’t have the look that ‘pop culture’ needs.

  5. I agree with you. Mitoy might not have the best face for a singing sensation, but he did his job well. This serves as lesson for all of us not to be judgemental when it comes to looks. Winners are made not just because of personality or beauty, but also the amount of effort a person puts out in order to get the job done.

  6. I agree. What we need is for the media to mature 🙂 OPM is not dead. There are so many underground artists who still embody genuine love for music.

  7. It’s great that you can get such a passionate and inspiring message from something like an everyday TV show. The very first post I saw following the announcement was also one criticizing Mitoy for his looks. It’s a shame that people can’t see past that but hopefully they will be able to in time.

  8. Sometimes it gets quite disappointing to know that what matters now is what sells? Or who sells? People should start looking at genuine talent and appreciate it for what it is because it is very much worth it.

  9. I am personally inclined to rock genre,may it be punk rock, hard rock, especially those with husky vocals. Mitoy’s talent is different. He has his own technique in making rock renditions, fusing baritone flavor into his performances. More than the voice quality, I think Mitoy’s strong personality and appeal to the audience pushed him to the top. Just after singing the first few notes of a song, he can connect with you in an instant. The intensity and angst of his voice can shake your soul and send goosebumps to your body (I experienced it when he sang F.M. Aguilar’s “Anak” in the finals). In every performance, it’s like he’s saying, “judge me not with what you see, but know my story with what you will hear”. I think that’s what sets him apart from other performers.

  10. I also loved Mitoy and he really deserved that win 🙂 . The thing is we can’t avoid judgments and comparisons. Sometimes we just drift from the supposed “criteria”, and other factors which don’t really matter seems to be the basis for such things.

  11. People need to learn how to mature and to know that talent, hardwork, and passion beat physical attributes any day. Mitoy has amazing talent. He truly deserved the win.

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